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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Susan - 2008-01-11
I just came from the vet and had to put our pet mouse to sleep. For the last 3 days he`s been up a bit but moreso down shaking and hitting himself againist his cage. Last night he was eating some mashed potatoes and was in his wheel for a bit, but this morning was hitting his cage again. The vet said he had a stroke because he kept going round in circles, he was very unbalanced. I feel like I did a bad thing....did i do the right thing....we got him second hand, maybe he was old.....i`m sad.

kaitlyn jade - 2008-01-09
I have 2 mice and I am very greatful for the information this website gives. I do wish it had more details about their eating habits. Thank you for reading my comment!

Nora, Pittsburgh - 2007-12-28
My sister/roommate kept 4 pet mice in my basement. She went away for 2 days, and called after a day, asking me to feed the mice because she forgot to feed them before she left. I forgot. When she got back the next day, three of them were dead and the other one was happily running on its wheel. She's very sad and I feel guilty. She keeps picturing the one mouse that was curled up in its food dish apparently looking for food that never came. Her 3-year-old will not be happy that the pets he named Squeak, Brownie and I-forget-the-other-one's-name-and-I-can't-exactly-ask-my-sister-to-remind-me are dead... Thanks for the site, very informative.

jay gibson - 2007-12-22
I have 2 white fancy mice. If my mice have problems such as ringworm or mites, then I go to see vet in Ashland, MA. I like fancy mice best, and a mouse with training will do tricks for you. See you soon...

cory - 2007-11-25
your site is a fantastic source for mouse information. this site will be put as a reference for my science fair project because of it's information!

jessica - 2007-11-22
You should never handle a mouse if they don't want you to. They may be very scared. Get to know them first and then little by little offer them food with your hand so they craw on themselves. This website is also very helpful-

kat - 2007-11-16
Very great site! Taught me a lot about my mice. They will be pleased! ^.^

Mouse Luver 247 - 2007-11-10
MICE RULE! this site is pretty good...

kerry - 2007-11-05
I like how you told about how to take care of the mouse and how you told how to tell if the mouse was heathy or not.

Sarah - 2007-10-30
I love my mice, they are an awesome pet. Good informational site :D