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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Tommy - 2008-02-23
We have 9 white mice. These are our pets. We are breeding them because we have 3 corn snakes. A few nights ago while cleaning their tank we found 6 babies and at least 5 or 6 other mice are pregnant. Last night a few of them were running around with babies hanging out.
We think there is probably 20 or more babies in there now. One of the females was the size of a small kiwi. We like to watch them run and play. They are very entertaining. I can see it now... we are going to get attached to them (they are just sooo cute) and have a house full of fluffy little friends.

haydee - 2008-02-19
After the hurricane katrina I got depressed, so my husband suggested that I should have a pet. Since they are not allowed in our apt., we bought 2 female fancy mice (sept. 19,2005- she was estimated as 6 month-old). One of them I happened to choose by accident (I named her maya). At first I was hesitant since I never had a mouse for a pet! I named the one with an eye-patched, or as we call 'em a "black-eye", since she has this cute black color on her left eye, MAYA. I remember how she really turned my world upside down. She made me happy. The next year(2006) we moved to texas. She was still with us. She was with me while I studied to become a nurse not to mention all the trials and tribulations that my life had been... Whenever I am down I just talk to her and then I would somehow feel relieved. A year later we bought a new home with MAYA still alive after 3 batches of her playmates (since we always buy her 1 or 2 playmates whenever each one expires). She enjoyed being cuddled, lightly stroke her head and I would smell on her body almost the whole time. She was literally my oxygen. She loves it when I bring her to bed with me. Anywhere around the house we would play. She always recognized it whenever we called her by name. Funny how I treat her differently from all her mice-mates. They seem to exist only just because iI dont want Maya to get lonely. Now it is feb.18, 2008 and it was her time. I was devastated, too much for me to handle. If you knew me before Maya, I think you would say that I have changed a lot and that the world is really unpredictable, crazy, full of love and wonders. I dont know, I felt like part of me died with her. She died peacefully in her bed. I think it was old-age. I'm counting she lived to be 36 months! I think my love for her surpassed anything. She lived to be a very happy, peaceful, much-loved and a very clean and healthy mouse and we were both lucky to have found each other. I think and I truly believe that she has already fulfilled all my wishes before she left, but she'll always be with me. I love you my only baby MAYA!! (I'm crying inside while I'm typing this)

Lola - 2008-02-17
I have 2 pet mice, both females. I just got another one from petsmart because I had a cage with bars, but my cat got my little white mouse through the bars and killed her )=. So if you have pet mice and cats, don't buy a cage with bars. I would recommend a glass aquarium or plastic cage. Well now I have a nice new durable plastic cage and a new mouse. In the cage there is a little wheel and their puzzle playground (they are happy mice now) (=.

Hi, my name is Rebekah. A have a mouse called Mickey. He is black and white. My cat nearly got him. He was lying there like he was dead, but he pulled through for me. I have loved mice for ages. When I got one I thought it was too good to be true. I think mice are great first pets and they are great listeners because they don't interupt when you are talking. If you are looking for a friend, get a mouse. They are easy to look after and though heaps of people think they are yuk, buy one and I'm sure you'll like them. But if you don't, you could give it to me, especially if it's a girl because I think I mine needs a real girl in his life. Thanks for listening to me and Mickey's story. I hope if you get one you like them.

Meena - 2008-02-03
I have a pet mouse named Motzarella (Motzi for short). She is a white
mouse with red eyes and is incredibly well behaved. Motzi knows a
couple of rope walking tricks. She was the perfect mouse for me to
teach the break dance to, on account of her habit of running in
circles. Motzarella does not bite. She likes people. She also is
brave. When she looks at my dog, Ruby, Motzi doesn't pee like other
mice. My mouse is the best pet I ever had!

R.J. - 2008-02-03
Hi there my names R.J. I recently bought 7 mice from petsmart. We were keeping them in the same cage as they were all fine together in the cage at the store. When we brought them home the one mouse just basically snapped and almost killed the other, so we took him back. We told the employees what had happend and then they told us that you should not have 6 mice all together in one cage and they would not take them back. So I still have them but I had to buy 4 cages just to keep them from fighting. We still put the 6 together every day hoping that they will get along but they still fight. So basically I have to keep them apart :) but i still love having the.

Page - 2008-01-26
I've always loved mice since I was a child. I found my first nest of wild baby mice in my uncles barn in the glove box of an old car being stored there. They were so tiny, pink, and delicate. Thankfully their mother had them safely hidden from the farm cats (though my Uncle wasn't so pleased to have mice in his barn). Years later I bought a white mouse at a pet shop. She had a short, shiny, silky coat, and was just weaned from her momma. I took her home, named her Twinky, and kept her in a 10 gallon aquarium with a mouse wheel (for exercise), a tiny coconut nest(with a hole drilled in it for sleeping during the day), cotton critter bedding material (to sleep on in the coconut), well cleaned grape vines (for climbing on), dust free wood shavings (for the tank floor), a tiny bell shaped bell on a thin piece of wire hanging from the tank lid (for her to play with), 2 tiny ceramic dishes (for water and food), and a plexyglass lid (which I drilled tiny air hole in and glued a handle on - as mice can get their tiny claws/toes ripped out when a screen aquariun lid is used). Her main diet was freshparakeet seeds (a fresh tablespoon a day), and sprouted and well rinsed parakeet seeds (1/2 to 1 teaspoon a day) Sprouting seeds shows you if the seeds are fresh or too dried on the insides to have any food value (animals and birds that eat dried out seeds will end up slowly starving to death and you won't know why). Treats were a sunflower seed, 1/2 of a raw peanut, a pea sized piece of cooked sweet potato, or a pea sized piece of apple (2 pieces of any of these treat foods, in these serving sizes, are plenty per day - remember, fat mice have short lives). I kept a small pet mineral stone in her cage for her to lick, a small pieces of deer antler for her to gnaw on, pieces of small animal chew sticks for her to chew, and I used ferret cage sanitizer to clean the inside of her cage once a week (making sure to clean any sanitizer residue off the inside of the cage) also used it to sterilze my hands before and after holding her. I took her out of her cage to play, exercise, and explore ever evening for several hours (mice will develop arthritis and nerve disorders if kept in a cage constantly). She loved having her ears and chin gently stroked (after she calmed down from exploring) a sure sign she was ready to be put back in her cage. She lived to the ripe old age of 3 1/2 (almost 4) years (old for a mouse)and never once bit me. She was a sweetheart!

jessica - 2008-01-25
I used to have 2 female mice. It is not true that mice from the litter will not fight. My two mice fought and one killed the other one. They were great pets and easy to handle while they lasted, though. I am going to get another mouse, but only one this time!

Christeh - 2008-01-23
Hi. I bought two mice to feed my ball python, but after a while I became in love with them and now they are soon to be parents! I came here to know if I had to take out the male after giving birth, but now I know I dont. Thanks for the information, it was great!!

Zach - 2008-01-11
I have only one mouse. (Scabbers) He has never had an illness or any problems. His favorite thing to do is to annoy me with his wheel. A mouse is a great pet.