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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Elle - 2008-05-31
Just like to say that they dont neccessarily reach sexual maturity at 6 - 8 weeks, so be careful. My male and female mated and got pregnant at 3 and a half weeks old each. So mum gave birth to nine healthy babies at only 6 and a half weeks of age :) Be careful to separate males and females as early as this, as it can happen! :)

Aaron Manka - 2008-05-23
I have one female mouse.I got it from a pet store just today and the pet store lady said that she was pregnant. As soon as I got home she started sniffing and digging huge holes in the bedding. That night she had her babies!

Stephen Kesig - 2008-05-16
My oldest daughter came home with one shoe on and one in her hand and said, "Daddy I found a mouse. I put it in my shoe." Living around farm land I assumed it was a field mouse and told her she has to set it free. She said, "But it's white." And it was. Apparently someone had let it loose. So we took it in. I made a temporary cage out of a wicker basket and some shredded newspaper for bedding. I took notice that she (aka) Cracker was doing small, quick laps in a circle, always in a clockwise motion. I did a google search and the first link I clicked on was yours. It told me 2 possibility's. My wife came home and was instantly attached to her. I told her what your site had said then she called the vet down the road. She took the mouse in and came home 20 min later with some antibiotics in powder form to put in her water. It was an inner ear infection. My wife said 36 bucks well spent. Then she went out and got a new Hartz cage. The family would like to thank you for helping us save a cold scared abandond new pet. No need to post if to long. Just wanted to say thanks.

Sami - 2008-05-11
I have 18 adult mice and 30 newborns. They are in a huge outdoor cage filled with ramps, tightropes, a slide, tunnels, huts and a 30cm by 30cm pool. Instead of sawdust on the ground I put carpet to make it more like a home. There are usually about 30 mice born a month and when they are grown up they are given to the pet shop. My mice love swimming! The best swimmer is T-bone. He is a curly haired albino mouse. My mice LOVE to eat sultana's, lettuce, cereal, cat biscuits, musselly bars, raisin toast etc etc. I love having mice and I recommend them as a pet! :D ...R.I.P to Ollie the Mouse (Who died of old age yesterday)

Colleen - 2008-05-07
I cannot emphasize enough how bad an idea it is to house multiple males together. I made the mistake of housing 3 males together; 1 died within a few weeks (I suspect from stress) and the other 2 fought for the remainder of their lives, to the point of drawing massive amounts of blood. I actually thought they'd end up killing one another. Males' urine also smells intensely: I can guarantee that a male's cage will constantly stink no matter how clean you keep it. Females get along just fine, however, and without the offensive odor. Make sure to provide plenty of toys. They can and will chew through soft plastic (including some water bottles!). Make sure not to overcrowd too many mice into a cage. Every pet store I've ever been to has provided inadequate room for mice, and many cages marketed for mice (e.g. Habitrail, SuperPet) are sufficient for no more than 2-3 mice, max.

Rachel - 2008-04-09
I just got an albino little girl mouse and she's scared. Hopefully she'll get used to me, but I found the information here helpful.

Lura - 2008-03-26
I have recently become a proud owner of a mouse family.
When I first got mine the male was definately well endowed. The female really loves him and their cages are set next to each other so they can visit (without touching) while she raises the young. The male actually sings and tells bedtime stories and even has a ton of a mating call that brings the female to his side of the cage and seems to send the babies to bed for naps. Even though they are only 26 days old, I'm finding that the two known males of the litter (very well endowed and dominant) are actually having fights for their attention. The little females could care less if they are around or not. So I believe that they are maturing faster than the average mouse would. At first it seemed like play but there are times when they need to be separated for a time. Their mom is friendly and their father loves people, they make a good pair and they have been fun to be with. The rest of the litter proves at least one female and the others being smaller, not yet definite but are looking female. My female had her litter (each individual pup) one hour apart, caring for the new born with cleaning and feeding as soon as it was born then putting it in her self made nest. I had cut small 1 inch squares of paper towel for her. She lined the bottom of her box then proceeded to place one square of paper towel over each baby as she placed it in the nest. It was amazing to watch her as if she was putting a blanket for warmth over her new borns. I wonder now how often she watched me going to sleep at night.
She seemed so unbothered by my watching her through the whole process... she's amazing! And I thought I didn't like mice.

Zoe Powell - 2008-03-25
I have a brown and gray young mouse named Rita. she has some of the best qualities a mouse could have. After reading this I know the best ways to take care of the best mouse! I thank you very much!

Elizabeth age 10 - 2008-03-21
I have a small white and brown mouse named Ratatouille. He is a male and very kind. If you leave him on your chest he will find his way to the back of you and back again. I have to be careful because my mouse is staying at my Grandmas right now and my grandpa doesn't like pet mice in the house. Well my uncle who has moved out left his corn snake here and my mouse was suppose to be snake food, but I saved his life. He is just the cutest little mouse ever.

Lauren - 2008-03-15
My neighbor has a pet mouse and she just had babies. There are about
7 gray ones and two dark brown ones. I want one really bad, but my mom is afraid of mice and my dad thinks that mice make crappy pets. He says that they stink and that they dont do anything:/ I really want one because I love mice. I think they are soo cute, and I love to hold my neighbors mouse all the time! :]