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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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madi22 - 2008-09-27
I have an adorable caramel coloured mouse called Tango, he is sooooooo cute! I have been begging my parents for a pet for years, and I'm going to get a proper mouse house for him for my b'day and possibly another mouse, because I'm currently keeping him in an old canary cage(LOL)!

Emilie - 2008-09-11
Hello, I bought 2 mice a month ago (Marvin & Bella) at my local petstore. They used to be snake food, I felt bad and didn't much care what colour they were, as long as I had a mouse! Well, yesterday Bella gave birth to 14 babies! So now I'm doing a lot of shopping for cages and toys when it comes the time to separate them. The more you have, the bigger the risk that they could get sick. So I have your page on My Favorites, this way I'll be prepared just in case! So thank you.

franica - 2008-09-02
Hi! My name is Franica and I don't really have a mouse, but I am a mouse lover!
franica 9 years old fourth grade. 9\2\2008

Nichole - 2008-08-26
hi... I have had my pet mouse for about 2 months now. I LOVE her so much! I named her Cow because she is black and white lol. About two months ago I was walking into a pet store and they had her by her tail about to feed her to a snake. She was so cute! So I told the man I would take her. He charged me 15 bucks but it was worth it. I don't know what type of mouse she is... snake food I guess, lol. Any ways thanks for this site, it helped me out a lot.
nichole. age 16.

Kang - 2008-08-18
hi! my name is kang. I have three female mice. Daisy, Ratso, and Hammy.

Anonymous - 2008-08-05
my pet mouse, "steve", is walking in circles and his head is tilted. I saw that this means he has an ear infection... so am am going to take a cotten swab and dog ear drops. I hope it works!

Nancy - 2008-08-04
I had a mouse in my house for 3 weeks that was too smart for the dang traps. Well, I walk into the kitchen one morning to find two baby mice, brand spanking new, on floor. I pick them up and put them into a container. I started to get attached and so did my daughter and son, ages 1 and 3. I went out and came home that night to find one had died, no big shocker. But then I turned around, and there was another one laying close the same spot as previously! I put that one in with the live one after I scooped out the dead one. Later that night around 1 am, I opened an empty wipes container, lined it with a washcloth for warmth, put on gloves, and washed the babies. After I put the two in the wipes container, I turned around to find another baby! I cleaned that one too, and then I put some vit. D milk (at room temp) in a syringe and fed the babies. They ate pretty well. After meal time, I played them a bit, watched them roll over in my hands and squeek a few times. The next morning, I woke up to feed them and realized that one was about to die, gasping for air. So I held it and was petting it, hoping that it would go in peace. Poor little guy. I want the mice out of my house, they poop everywhere, but those poor babies, I don't know how to take care of babies that should be nursed by their mother.

adeline - 2008-07-26
Hi, I have 2 pet mice. I want to know how to differentiate which is female and which is male. I also want to know if once the babies are born, will the mom or dad eat them up.

christian butler - 2008-06-27
My aunt won't buy me a mouse because she thinks their poison...

CATHI AND ROSIE - 2008-06-14
We had out mouse, Polkadot, for three to four months. When we got him, he was pregnant, so we came to find out that it was a boy. It was my daughter's mouse, but he came to be part of our family. We all loved him. He was a little strange to us, but cute as can be. He passed away in his sleep yesterday, may he rest in peace. He is loved but not forgotten.