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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Kang - 2008-08-18
hi! my name is kang. I have three female mice. Daisy, Ratso, and Hammy.

Anonymous - 2008-08-05
my pet mouse, "steve", is walking in circles and his head is tilted. I saw that this means he has an ear infection... so am am going to take a cotten swab and dog ear drops. I hope it works!

Nancy - 2008-08-04
I had a mouse in my house for 3 weeks that was too smart for the dang traps. Well, I walk into the kitchen one morning to find two baby mice, brand spanking new, on floor. I pick them up and put them into a container. I started to get attached and so did my daughter and son, ages 1 and 3. I went out and came home that night to find one had died, no big shocker. But then I turned around, and there was another one laying close the same spot as previously! I put that one in with the live one after I scooped out the dead one. Later that night around 1 am, I opened an empty wipes container, lined it with a washcloth for warmth, put on gloves, and washed the babies. After I put the two in the wipes container, I turned around to find another baby! I cleaned that one too, and then I put some vit. D milk (at room temp) in a syringe and fed the babies. They ate pretty well. After meal time, I played them a bit, watched them roll over in my hands and squeek a few times. The next morning, I woke up to feed them and realized that one was about to die, gasping for air. So I held it and was petting it, hoping that it would go in peace. Poor little guy. I want the mice out of my house, they poop everywhere, but those poor babies, I don't know how to take care of babies that should be nursed by their mother.

adeline - 2008-07-26
Hi, I have 2 pet mice. I want to know how to differentiate which is female and which is male. I also want to know if once the babies are born, will the mom or dad eat them up.

christian butler - 2008-06-27
My aunt won't buy me a mouse because she thinks their poison...

CATHI AND ROSIE - 2008-06-14
We had out mouse, Polkadot, for three to four months. When we got him, he was pregnant, so we came to find out that it was a boy. It was my daughter's mouse, but he came to be part of our family. We all loved him. He was a little strange to us, but cute as can be. He passed away in his sleep yesterday, may he rest in peace. He is loved but not forgotten.

Elle - 2008-05-31
Just like to say that they dont neccessarily reach sexual maturity at 6 - 8 weeks, so be careful. My male and female mated and got pregnant at 3 and a half weeks old each. So mum gave birth to nine healthy babies at only 6 and a half weeks of age :) Be careful to separate males and females as early as this, as it can happen! :)

Alivia - 2008-05-27
I've had mice for a long time now. I recommend them as pets for someone who doesn't have much space, and wants a pet that is cheap. Mice can be a great starter pet for children that are mature enough to understand the fragility of such a small animal. I work in a petshop and see a lot of mice come and go every day, they're wonderful pets if you are willing to spend time playing with and taming them. Each of the mice have been handled daily from birth and are so friendly they run up and sit on my hand when I put it in their tank. I keep both boys and girls separately, but I recommend that you only own mice of one gender even if you keep them separatley unless you are intending to breed. No matter how careful you are, accidents do happen. If you're looking at getting pet mice, the best thing to buy is a tank with a secure lid, as long as there is plenty of ventilation. Paper cat litter or Carefresh are great bedding for a mice tank, but I add shredded paper and unscented tissues to their houses and nestboxes so they can have a comfy bed. My boy Aslan tears up his tissues and makes a huge nest he sleeps in the middle of, it's extremley cute (: An important thing to realise is that female mice especially may contract tumours, when this happens there is very little you can do besides having them put to sleep humanely at the vet's when the tumour begins to impend their movement. This happened to my little girl Esme a few months ago, and though it was very upsetting, I'm glad her life ended before she had to suffer. I breed my mice ethically occasionally to sell at the petshop where I work when we are low in supply, this way I can meet the owner's of their future homes. The only way I will sell one of my babies is if I believe the person will honestly care for that mouse as well as I would, because they are taken care of very well at home.

Aaron Manka - 2008-05-23
I have one female mouse.I got it from a pet store just today and the pet store lady said that she was pregnant. As soon as I got home she started sniffing and digging huge holes in the bedding. That night she had her babies!

Stephen Kesig - 2008-05-16
My oldest daughter came home with one shoe on and one in her hand and said, "Daddy I found a mouse. I put it in my shoe." Living around farm land I assumed it was a field mouse and told her she has to set it free. She said, "But it's white." And it was. Apparently someone had let it loose. So we took it in. I made a temporary cage out of a wicker basket and some shredded newspaper for bedding. I took notice that she (aka) Cracker was doing small, quick laps in a circle, always in a clockwise motion. I did a google search and the first link I clicked on was yours. It told me 2 possibility's. My wife came home and was instantly attached to her. I told her what your site had said then she called the vet down the road. She took the mouse in and came home 20 min later with some antibiotics in powder form to put in her water. It was an inner ear infection. My wife said 36 bucks well spent. Then she went out and got a new Hartz cage. The family would like to thank you for helping us save a cold scared abandond new pet. No need to post if to long. Just wanted to say thanks.