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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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sara - 2008-11-14
My fancy mouse seems to be chewing the tip of her tail. Is there anything that I can do to prevent it???

Meena - 2008-10-30
I just got two new baby mice. They are so cute and smart! When I first saw them, I wanted to jump off the walls. They run on the wheel together. Sometimes one of them would go faster than the other one. The slower one would get started and would hold on while the other keeps running. How will I ever live without these acrobats?!

S - 2008-10-29
Never pick a mouse up by the middle of the tail! it is always the base or it will slough off or break!

Summer - 2008-10-22
I have mice and one had 12 babies. They are awesome. They are about a week old on Thursday night. I find mice very interesting. I love them too.

Lindsay - 2008-10-17
I am thinking about getting a little rodent friend and mice are just so cute, I must get one! I saw some in a little cage at a museum and I thought omg they are so cute. I know most mice are considered dirty but my pet mouse would be clean as a whistle!

Sara Garcia - 2008-10-08
I have four mice. 3 differen't species. I have 3 Egyptian Spiny Mice (Dustfinger & Jinx), one Church Mouse (Firefly) which I raised since she was just weened from her mother (her home had been destroyed and she was just sitting on the ground so I cared for her and found out that she had a slight eye infecton so I put some eye cream for mice in her eye and she was healthy within two weeks). I used to have another Church Mouse that I raised as well (Clover) but he got out from the cage when I was feeding them (he was a very skittish mouse and didn't like me very much) and my cat caught him and killed him. I was heart broken when I found out. Even if he didn't like me I still loved him and raised him and I do miss him and I feel terrible that Firefly doesn't have a friend anymore. I just bought a male Fancy Mouse (Echo) so that Firefly would have a friend but I came to the conclusion that Church Mice and Fancy Mice do NOT get along. They fight so I'm seperating the 45 gallon tank in half and might be getting another fancy mouse (a female). This site is amazing! It gave me so much great information on mice that I didn't know about. Thank you so much!

madi22 - 2008-09-27
I have an adorable caramel coloured mouse called Tango, he is sooooooo cute! I have been begging my parents for a pet for years, and I'm going to get a proper mouse house for him for my b'day and possibly another mouse, because I'm currently keeping him in an old canary cage(LOL)!

Emilie - 2008-09-11
Hello, I bought 2 mice a month ago (Marvin & Bella) at my local petstore. They used to be snake food, I felt bad and didn't much care what colour they were, as long as I had a mouse! Well, yesterday Bella gave birth to 14 babies! So now I'm doing a lot of shopping for cages and toys when it comes the time to separate them. The more you have, the bigger the risk that they could get sick. So I have your page on My Favorites, this way I'll be prepared just in case! So thank you.

franica - 2008-09-02
Hi! My name is Franica and I don't really have a mouse, but I am a mouse lover!
franica 9 years old fourth grade. 9\2\2008

Nichole - 2008-08-26
hi... I have had my pet mouse for about 2 months now. I LOVE her so much! I named her Cow because she is black and white lol. About two months ago I was walking into a pet store and they had her by her tail about to feed her to a snake. She was so cute! So I told the man I would take her. He charged me 15 bucks but it was worth it. I don't know what type of mouse she is... snake food I guess, lol. Any ways thanks for this site, it helped me out a lot.
nichole. age 16.