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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Rio - 2009-01-10
At first I didn't really want to keep a pet mouse, but then, one of me friends bought a snake and feed it with mice. It turned out that the mice were too big. Rather than letting those poor mice die one by one, I took them as pets. Unfortunately, I can only save 1 out of 6 because of their pitiful living conditions. This surviving mouse is still going on strong today and lives a good life in a large aquarium. Now... I'm going to buy 2 or 3 more mice for her friend... BTW I named my mouse Davy... as in Davy Jones

taylah - 2009-01-04
For christmas I got 2 pet mice, both girls. My mum and sister got boy mice and they bred and bred. We ended up with 80 mice and still counting, eventually the cat got to them and now we only have 8 left.

Bobby - 2009-01-02
I recently went to my local pet store to purchase a hamster. My mother was with me, at the time. She remembered my mentioning that I wanted a mouse and I had spent time looking at other creatures. Mom talked me into purchasing a mouse, my knowing that mice are social creatures, I ended up getting two mice. They are very friendly, playful, and entertaining to watch. Their names are: Allegra, she spends a lot of time on her exercise wheel, and Macee, who love to help Allegra with her exercises. When they are asleep, it is very cute to see them cuddled up together.

Emily - 2008-12-30
I just got a new mouse for Christmas, Jojo, but I can't seem to get socialized with her. Everytime I go near the cage, she starts running on the wheel trying to escape me or something. And whenever I try to pet her, she darts around the cage and won't let me touch her. I've tried holding out food in my hand but she doesn't trust me and backs away. Please help!

Angel.G - 2008-12-29
Recently I had gone to the pet store with my friend, she wanted to buy a parrot. When my eyes fell on this aquarium behind one of the huge cages, in this aquarim were these lil cute mice, they were so adorable I just had to have them! I got two of them, ozzy n olivia! They are just so friendly I love them a lot. As soon as I brought them home I came online in search for information on how to take care of them, and thanks to this site I got all the information I need. I built them a home. They are so playful and friendly. Every evening I take them out and let them run free in my bathroom (no fear all my drains are sealed). I spend most of my time watching them and petting them. When I tell my friends that I got mice as pets their 1st reaction is grossed out or "eauwww", but once they see them they fall in love with them! But my greatest fear is that I'm living in pakistan and here we don't have any vets. The only vets we have are for cats and dogs. So I'm really trying my best to keep them healthy n anyway 4m anythin dat can make them well. I wash their box and toys with hot water to disinfect them. I really love them a lot and I am really afraid of loosing them. They are just the best pets ever and they make me so0o0oo happy.

corrianne - 2008-12-27
I have 3 mice. One is a normal mouse (the ones you feed to snakes). It's name is Samantha and she is so sweet. I would recomend this mouse for kids. I also got two Egyptian Spiny Mice for Christmas, Isis (Like the Egyptian goddess) and Cleo (Like Cleopatra). They are so cute but they bite! I think it's because they are only a month old but I don't know. I used to have anouther normal mouse named Lucy but it died from a siezure dure resently. All I was doing was holding it and it started having a siezure in my hand. It had done this a few days before too and fallen on the ground and when Ipicked it up it was falling over but I pushed it on to its feet. Then when it happened again a few days later it stopped moving and wouldn't go on it's feet. It was so so so sad, but I never ever regret having her.

Meena Fech - 2008-12-21
I just got three more female mice. If I had never found this website, they would all be dead. Also, I wouldn't even have a mouse if it weren't for it. Thanks for all the information.

Olivia - 2008-12-01
I got my first mouse in third grade after I saw a TV special on pet mice. His name was Scamper and he was by far one of the best small pets I've ever owned. I loved him so much, I got another little mouse named Squeakers from the same pet shop. They were my two little buddies, and I had Scamper until fourth grade and Squeakers until fifth. I then got hamsters, but I still prefer mice much more. They are the best types of small pets you could ever ask for! My mice never bit me, they always loved a little scratch behind their tiny ears, and they were my best friends. No matter what, I highly recommend mice as pets for children. I'm now in eighth grade and I'm planning on getting my seventh mouse. If you want a small, easy-care pet for a child, I'd recommend mice in a heartbeat.

Nikki - 2008-12-01
I'm in 6th grade and I'm doing my science fair project about mice and diet and exercise. This website was very useful for my backround reasearch paper and final report. Thank you, but I just need the author and published date.

Courtney - 2008-11-19
I've just gotten 13 mice recently [I know, big number]. I walked into the pet store, and happened to glance over the counter where the rodents were placed. Behind the counter is were they kept the feeder mice. The first mouse I spotted was a little baby blonde colored one, and I immediately fell in love. I bought him [supposedly] and a few others, and everyday I keep coming back for more. To keep them from being eaten, of course. So far I have five adults, 2 white males, and one white female, a black and white female, and then a grey and white male. Next I have 5 white babies, then a tan one, a grey one, and a greyish brownish one with a white stripe down his face. Though the babies are so much cuter, the adults are really the most calm, and a better choice for young children. I have mulitple siblings, and they all reached for the babies, but they ended up holding the adults,[since they were the ones not running away]. I find it very facinating when they groom themselves, it's almost like a self anti-depressent medication. They're very calming, inspiring creatures, I've made multiple sketches in my art class of my mice. Some of my best work so far...