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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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nicole - 2009-07-21
I found a half-drowned field mouse at work a couple weeks ago. I put him in a tupperware container until I could get him home. After warming up and drying off, he is doing great! I have a big wooden box for him, with toys and hiding places, and he seems to be adjusting just fine. He is actually pretty tame, and lets me pick him up and hold him and pet him. I was thinking about getting him a friend so he isn't lonely, but I don't know where you can get field mice. I want to get the same type so that they don't fight. Does anyone know where I can find them?

Anna - 2009-07-14
I found a little mouse or rat that is barely born. I will help him, I don't want to kill him.

Brian - 2009-05-09
I'm planning to get 2 or 3 baby albino mice, a male and 1 or 2 females. What do you guys think of the names Momo and Toji and Kairi,(these are names from Peach Girl, my favorite show ever!).

Nik - 2009-05-04
I just bought 3 female fancy mice; Fonda, Fondue & Phantom a.k.a. Fanny. They are so freaking cute! I went into the pet store intending to buy a russian dwarf hamster, but saw these cute little guys running on the wheel and doing flips in it. I took them home and they seem to be adjusting. I will try to put some toilet paper tubes in the cage to see how they like that. I'm hoping they will be less skiddish of me as they grow use to their new habbitat. I am a happy new mommy :o)

AP Mom - 2009-04-28
High school science experiment white mice went from 10 to 25 in three weeks. I am sure some of the babies were eaten by the adults. Please tell us how we know which is male and which is female, and what do we do with all these baby mice???

teisha - 2009-04-26
Saying that mice are nice babysitters for their young, our mice gave birth they had 7 babies and now there's only one... they are eating them! That isn't good parenting.

ISHA - 2009-04-24
I have a charming pure white mouse named SIMON. He is very cute and intelligent too. He likes luxurious living. He is a cool dude. I just love him a lot. I love to play with him. I forget all my worries and tensions in the company of SIMON. He is just like my bay. I am emotionally attached with him. Simon is the cutest and coolest mouse in the world and I love him endlessly.

Emily Hunt - 2009-04-22
i have three mice for nearly a year now ( birthday 8th May 09) and one of them (hunka munka) has what i believe cancer. She was born the runt of the litter and as soon as i noticed a problem with her was when she was at her flea age and wasn't growing much hair near the scruff of her neck. Quite a few months later she formed a lump at the section of less hair. She has been perfectly fine (eating, drinking, running on the wheel, perfect mouse behaviour) until yestrday night when she formed a large lump pretty close to her front leg, this has been her only second tumor and still acted normal, so i seemed she wasn't in any pain. But the next day that afternoon back from school her whole body seemed bloated. A cancer cant grow that quick can it? It looks as if she is pregnant, but babies cant just form so quickly out of the blue can they? Anyway i also have noticed her behaviour. She seems to stay in her house. I took her out and she didn't seem to be in pain, no sqeaking etc, she is walking quite normally but it looks really akward. Is it her time? Should i take her to the vet and put her down. I really do not want her to be in pain? If it isn't cancer, what other measures should i take? Thankyou

Skip Ryan - 2009-04-20
My daughter just got a pair of pet mice, one a dusty brown and black named "Shadow", and the other a creamy white and tan that she named, "Peaches". Unfortunately, one of our cats was absolutely fascinated with her new "sisters", and knocked their cage (aquarium-style) off the little desk where it had been placed. Shadow seemed none the worse for wear, but Peaches' left eye was a little "goopy" (technical term) and now she leans over to the left wherever she goes. She has no other difficulties that we can see. My wife surmises that in the fall Peaches suffered an injury to that eye, and may even have been blinded there. Everytime that she approaches her food dish or her water bottle, she does so favoring her right side.

Any ideas?


Sabrina - 2009-04-13
I am getting a mouse soon and I am going to call it Dannan because it is an irish name and I love irish people. I'm unsure if I should get a girl or a boy as girls are prone to tumors and boys smell bad. So I will mull it over and decide when the time comes I suppose. If you are naming a pet I recommend naming it after something you love!