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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Mark Jobin - 2009-09-01
Yesterday I was walking to work and found a white mouse by the curb on the street. I couldn't believe it! I put it in a box and kept it at work with me all day. That night my girlfriend picked me up and we went to the pet store and bought all the things we need to have a pet mouse. Turns out we are going to have 6-7 pet mice since the one I found is female and pregnant! I am so excited because she is friendly and so cute! I am really glad there is a website like this to help me since I am new to having a mouse and as soon as she has her babies, I plan to get a couple more!

Chloe - 2009-08-09
My mouse Snorkel just passed away in my hand....=[

1.5 years old, she was freaken awesome. She had her own personality, would always let people pick her up, would run around on my bed and always come back to me. She was just a gem. R.I.P my little friend... xxxxxx

Clayton - 2009-08-06
A friend of mine bought a mouse to feed to his pet spider... I thought it was horrible! The mouse was in the cage for over 15 hrs running away from the spider and eventually the friend took him out and gave him to me cause he knew I loved the little guy. I was so impressed with him. I bought him so much stuff and he is healthy and happy with me :) I named him lucky for obvious reasons. I will get him a friend soon so he is not alone, a nice female :) I love him so much.

Janice - 2009-07-31
My little wild mouse, Mr. Mouse just died a few minutes ago. I am so sad. Even though we named her Mr. Mouse, we later learned she was a girl mouse, but we kept the name. I had her 5 years!! My cat had found a nest of baby mice and kept killing them and bringing them to the back porch. Our son Daniel found the baby mouse with her eyes still closed. We brought her in and fed her with an eye dropper. My daughter-in-law had some powdered milk she had been using to try to raise baby birds. We mixed it with water and we fed Mr. Mouse that and then later, I made thin oatmeal and fed her that. Soon she moved on to regular small animal food. I gave her a treat of fresh carrots, cheese, broccoli or banana every day and put a drop of vitamins in her water.

She was well loved by the whole family and will be missed very much.


nicole - 2009-07-21
I found a half-drowned field mouse at work a couple weeks ago. I put him in a tupperware container until I could get him home. After warming up and drying off, he is doing great! I have a big wooden box for him, with toys and hiding places, and he seems to be adjusting just fine. He is actually pretty tame, and lets me pick him up and hold him and pet him. I was thinking about getting him a friend so he isn't lonely, but I don't know where you can get field mice. I want to get the same type so that they don't fight. Does anyone know where I can find them?

Anna - 2009-07-14
I found a little mouse or rat that is barely born. I will help him, I don't want to kill him.

Brian - 2009-05-09
I'm planning to get 2 or 3 baby albino mice, a male and 1 or 2 females. What do you guys think of the names Momo and Toji and Kairi,(these are names from Peach Girl, my favorite show ever!).

Nik - 2009-05-04
I just bought 3 female fancy mice; Fonda, Fondue & Phantom a.k.a. Fanny. They are so freaking cute! I went into the pet store intending to buy a russian dwarf hamster, but saw these cute little guys running on the wheel and doing flips in it. I took them home and they seem to be adjusting. I will try to put some toilet paper tubes in the cage to see how they like that. I'm hoping they will be less skiddish of me as they grow use to their new habbitat. I am a happy new mommy :o)

AP Mom - 2009-04-28
High school science experiment white mice went from 10 to 25 in three weeks. I am sure some of the babies were eaten by the adults. Please tell us how we know which is male and which is female, and what do we do with all these baby mice???

teisha - 2009-04-26
Saying that mice are nice babysitters for their young, our mice gave birth they had 7 babies and now there's only one... they are eating them! That isn't good parenting.