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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Gimhani sumanarathne - 2010-05-30
I have a mouse tooooooooooo......he's so cute....<3 <3 <3

courtney blythe - 2010-05-19
Hi I have a female fancy mouse named sasha. I got her last June 2009 so I have had her almost a yr now. Today I noticed that one of her eyes was real red and puffy, and seemed to be draining it looked like clear what ever was draining out. I called petsmart where I purchased her and they told me to put some fresh water on her eye with an eye dropper and gave me a number to a small animal vet. It was too late to call the animal vet, I am going to call tomorrow, however I came across this site while looking up info on sick mice and thought maybe someone out there might have had a similar sickness w/ there mouse and could help. Thanks so much.

Jes - 2010-05-11
So I had a pet mouse who got cancer and passed away. My other poor little mouse was very distraught after her passing. She got sick and kept scratching at her right ear. Her right ear got little red scabs and her head appeared to be stuck in a tilted position. I came home today and noticed she seemed to be paralyzed on one side. I do not know any mice vets in my area and went to petsmart where I bought my little mice. They are very rude and not helpful in any way. Please if anyone knows anything please help me.

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  • SKO - 2010-05-14
    I suggest you get out your phone directory and call every vet in your area until you find one that has experience with mice. Your mouse probably needs an antibiotic. If it is too sick, you may just want to have a vet "put it to sleep", so it doesn't have to suffer any longer. We had to do this with my daughter's mouse who had an advanced respiratory infection. She was too sick to take the antibiotics. The vet gave her some "sleeping gas" to fall asleep, then injected a chemical directly into her heart. It sounds cruel, but the mouse was asleep through it all, and died peacefully. It was better than watching her struggling to breathe with the respiratory infection. Try asking Petco staff for a referral to a vet that sees mice.
T - 2010-05-10
We have two female mice, and one of them will randomly decide to "clean out" the cage...stuffing as much bedding as she can through the cage slats...she does this whether the bedding is clean and fresh or in need of a change. She will refrain from doing it for a while, then one day just pick up and start doing it again? Reasons? I have tried two different types of beddings (recycled cellulose/cardboard).

Raye Raye - 2010-05-07
Someone help me to find out why my daughter's pet mouse's ear fall off? She was holding it and the things ear just came off...this is not a joke.

Ela - 2010-05-01
Hi I have a query about my female mouse when I bought her coat was a sandy blonde colour n she had light black patch of fur on her bottom end. She now is getting more and more patches of black fur all over. Is this normal for a mouses coat to change colour?.. And another thing was that she won't use her exercise wheel n I'm worried she might become too fat :(

Mary - 2010-04-29
We have about 8 pet mice that all live together and do great in this huge habitat we bought them. Today we realized that 2 of them were dead. It appears that they may have fought, there was blood all over them and their heads were smashed. The other 6 mice are fine.
Anyone have ideas on what could be going on?! Please email me!

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  • Bianca - 2010-04-30
    3 options. You had 2 or more territorial males together, this often results in fights, resulting in wounds/fatal wounds/ death.

    2. You had in heat females, they often fight with each other, or often just fight in general but not often resulting in death.

    Another mouse, either wild or tame has escaped into your colony and attacked and killed two. Though I'd say it's the male cause. Sex your mice, and find out!
joelle - 2010-04-28
HI! I am in the Army and found a Mother Field Mouse and 5 or 6 babies (fur but eyes closed) in a connex today. Took them home and have them in a fairly large critter carrier with gerbil shavings. I am feeding mom crackers and cheese so far but I am not sure I'm keeping them. Do field mice make good pets? Can I handle her? and how soon can I re-home her babies...I don't want them reproducing...I'd keep 2 or 3.
Are they safe for my kids?

Poppi1 - 2010-04-04
Do mice have any feeling in their tails?

Kim - 2010-04-02
I just found a little field mouse in my yard hiding under a board. This mouse appears to have been attacked by something, and it's underside is torn and there is a large gap of it's hair dangling. It was easy to catch and I believe that the reason why is that it is injured. I have it now in an appropriate cage, and have cut off some of the hair that was hanging off of him. I put an antibiotic in his water. He hasn't eaten anything, but he did drink. He came out during the daytime to grab one of the sunflower seeds that I have for the wild birds. He's breathing very rapidly. I applied peroxide and neosporin as best I could to the wound. I don't want to stress him out any more than he already is. I have him outside where he was hiding, but now in a cage with food and water and a hiding place with a tshirt for warmth. What else should I do? Any suggestions?