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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Jennifer - 2011-03-04
I have 24 male mice, 2 in separate cages as they are highly aggressive and 22 in one huge tank. I rescued them from being killed as my college couldn't find homes for them and I'm loving them all! I am into exotics and reptiles more so which don't move much or require so much care. Their care is more demanding but they are so active and fun to watch. All very tame and don't bite and they all have their own names. I'm ever so glad I rescued them =)

Najmus Saqib - 2011-02-13
Hi, I am looking for a pet mice, preferably a male [healthy], color not a preference...but the problem is I am in India, staying in Bangalore....I have not been able to find one in my location. Can you help me in finding a place where I can order or get a pet mice.
I don't mind if it has to be shipped to me..

Sorry forgot to add my contact info
Phone: +91.9901651400

bobbi - 2010-12-15
my mouse jingles is sick he was fine 2 days ago but know he does not move around like normal he is cold he has lost some hair on his head and he is weak.. my other mouse christmas is totally fine im really worried about jingles can you help me?

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  • Anonymous - 2010-12-15
    How old is he?
  • bobbii - 2010-12-16
    he is not that old i got him a few weeks ago as a teenager.. but he is doing better now acting normal ... its weird i thought he was going to die...
  • rheannon - 2010-12-23
    My mouse, natas (yes I know, nice name right?), he has not been acting right either. She usually comes to the edge of her square cage when I approach and tries to bite me. now, all that she does is sit in the corner of the cage hunched over like she is eating something but is not. And as for your mouse, jingles, I haven't much advice. I had another mouse, popcorn, and she was our first mouse. We had bought natas to befriend her, but natas actually tried to eat her leg...nice huh?- popcorn was showing the same signs that your mouse is. She had not had the fur loss on her head but was weak and was not moving around as much as usual. It is normal rat/mouse behavior to try to eat each others...brain. Disgusting but true. Have your mice been living together long? If not, christmas may be trying to eat jingles brain... even if your mice have been together long it may happen. But, my rat, sherlock, has lighter hair on his head. That is just a sign of growing up. We thought that the hair was being pulled out or falling out, but it is just lighter hair he has gotten because he has grown (he is still young). If jingles is young, then maybe his hair has just lightened because of growth. Well as for the weak and not moving much I have no other advice because sherlock nor my other rats and mouse have not ever acted this way. I will check into it and get back to you. Happy holidays and good luck.

  • Izzy - 2011-01-01
    "Well Bobbi I just got my mice, but you should go to a vet to get a check up. That way you will know what's wrong and you can get medicine.
  • austen - 2011-01-21
    Well maybe you should take out christmas and take you other mice to the vet.
  • bob - 2011-02-02
    Yer the same thing is with my pet mouse munch and I'm really worried about her sorry I can't help with this one but plz someone comment some signs are scruffed up hair, bit of weight loss, not social with the other ones most of the time, and is curled up in the corner unless it is eating. What's wrong and what can I do to help it?
Anonymous - 2011-02-01
What is the room tempurature that a mouse should be staying at?

Sean Tutty - 2010-04-02
I bought a fancy mouse the other day and named him Rocky after the movie character the next day I noticed his right ear was a little red and it looked he had been scratching it today I noticed his left ear has a noticeable bloody scratch on the beginning of the inner ear what should I put on it and is their any advice you can give me?

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  • Anonymous - 2011-02-01
    He probably has mites. Blood around the ears is one of the first symptoms before it will get worse. My mouse had the same symptom, and all I had to do is to buy ultracare flea and tick spray for small animals from petsmart. I applied it 3 times and my little mouse was cured!
: - 2011-01-31
My mouse Made a new friend. It unfortunately, it was a wild mouse. It was black and small. It got into the cage with My mouse Oscar? Could it have any kind of disease?

Lita - 2011-01-29
How come my mouse won't make any noise at all? It's not sick, but it seems to be stressed? Do any of you guys know why? It don't have a partner. It seems to sleep all day. It's scared and lonely? Do you guys know what I can do to make it feel better?

Nicole - 2011-01-26
I have a question about my pet mouse. She is almost two and is suffering. Very recently she started having breathing problems, she has a weird squeak more like she is having trouble breathing so she makes this noise. The thing is at night she still runs on her wheel and she rolls very actively in her ball. But I noticed her tail seems to have a rotted spot. In fact a bit of it fell off. I didn't squeeze or damage the tail, so I can only think it got hurt when on the wheel or it's just part of her recent problems. I clean the cage each week and was feeding her about every two days. Only now she won't eat anything, but sunflower seeds all the rest of the mouse meal goes to waste. I know mice only live around 2 years and after reading the info on this site it doesn't sound like she has a cold and her cage is always clean I wash it out if it smells or every two weeks and make sure it's dry before putting her back. She doesn't have sniffles and I have moved her to the warmest room in the house since the breathing issue. For a while it looked like she was getting better, but these last two days I've realized she is actually getting worse. Her breathing is worse, her eating is way cut down, and it seems like she's loosing weight. If anyone has a suggestion please reply. I purchased her in Feb. 2009, so I am thinking it is old age and that she's just dying, but maybe there would be something I could do to make her more comfortable?

Soulita Her - 2011-01-25
My mouse seems to always hide. Well yes because I forgot to buy a house for it. It lives under its wheel, Yea I know it's sad. He's also lonely because he was the only one left. I named him Oscar. He seems to be scared of me....? Anything I can do to help it like me? Yes I took all the food out. But what else?

me - 2011-01-24
Two years and two months ago I had received two white mice (who were sisters) Missy and Minnie. Missy was very active, as where Minnie was more mellow and did not use the wheel as much. They ate the same food and same snacks. Minnie just passed today. They were same size, but a few days ago she dropped weight. She was breathing really heavy in my hand and passed before I could take her anywhere:(. Missy and Minnie have never been apart and I worry about Missy. I was debating on introducing a mouse to Missy so she doesn't live the rest of her time alone..Is this a good idea? Do mice adapt to other mice without problems?

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  • Soulita - 2011-01-25
    Awww, I'm sorry to hear....I just bought a fancy mouse that I named Oscar.
    He was the only one left and seems very lonely.