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   Muntjac Deer, frequently called Barking Deer, are the oldest known deer dating back before pre-historic times.
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alison - 2006-12-31
To Monty and Robin Cross:

Most people absolutely disgust me. To raid your home and take your pets like that once again proves to me how heartless and ignorant some people are. I'm not sure about your state's laws regarding animals ( I'm from Canada) but if people can have snakes as pets why can't you keep deer? I'm so sorry that that happened to you. They could have given the deer to a shelter but instead because of ignorance, animals are " simply" destroyed. The only thing "simple" to me is the way people think. I hope one day humans realize that animals aren't something to be disposed of or treated as if they don't have feelings or emotions.
My heart goes out to you both,


RAlph Bonino - 2006-07-04
How cute is Bambi! Very sweet!

Kel - 2006-05-03
I did not know that people could have a deer as a house hold pet. Until visiting your site, thanx

molly - 2006-04-30
This site really helped me find out what I wanted to learn about small animals for a future pet! I think I might get a MuntjacDeer! They are so adorable! They seem like a great pet to have!

Tegan - 2006-03-02
This site is great! I found everything I needed for a project I had to do! THANKS!