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   Muntjac Deer, frequently called Barking Deer, are the oldest known deer dating back before pre-historic times.
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donna - 2007-08-29
These are adorable. I would love to have one.

Joy - 2007-08-22
I have 2 Reeves breed does and I am looking for a buck to breed with them. We live in the Memphis Tn area. They are the best pets and many of our neighbors want one.

Andrea - 2007-08-14
God thank you for making this adorable creature! And thank you for making this web site because i had absolutely no idea that this deer existed. I think Bammbi is a pretty nice name for that little raskal!
I'll ask my mom if we can get one of those some time, or atleast before i'm 18! I'll be heart broken if it's illegal in my state!

Tyler - 2007-08-09
They are so awesome. When i prove to my parents i can take care of animals, i definitely want to get one.

Allison - 2007-05-31
I love the looks of the Muntjac deer, and I really want to get one someday. Since I'm only just getting out of high school, it could be a while, but I hope that once I have a career and get settled, I can get one(And I hope they're legal where I live!).

Josh - 2007-05-30
wow this site was helpful. I can't convince my mom to get me a muntjac deer, but these things are so cute and they sound awesome according to your site, thanks. I hope i get one this summer 2007. OH YEAH, THESE MUNTJAC DEER ROCK MY SOCKS

rebecca clarke - 2007-03-05
i was looking for a new pet and i found your web page. i saw it had info about this type of deer. i rang my mother up, and because of the info she said yes, and on the weekend we went and got one, so thank you

Micole and Greg - 2007-02-09
Hello, My girlfriend Micole and I are now IN LOVE with the Muntjac Deer. Micole lives in New York City and I live in Suburban Pennsylvania but we both go to school at Drexel University. I would like to thank you for the information and tell you I WILL one day own a Muntjac Deer. I Love Muntjacs! Greg

Audrey - 2007-01-17
Your site was very helpful, and I found a lot of good information on Muntjac Deer. Thankyou for taking the time to create a care sheet on this wonderful little animal.
Perhaps in a few years, when I'm considered an adult, I'll be able to purchase one. That is, after I check my state's laws.

Taylor and Autumn - 2007-01-11
Aww! it is so cute and small. It looks like the real Bambi, I guess that is why you call it Bambi.