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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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Iza - 2003-12-13
I have 3 hamsters...a dwarf named Dot, And two teddy bear hamsters named Teddy and Caramel. They are the cutest!!! I would definetly recommend getting hamsters for a first pet! They are cute, cuddly, but require lots-a-love!

Shayna - 2003-12-06
I was at first just doing some research on hamsters for a school project but I was so interested in the information this site gives. I have an albino dwarf and a golden hamster. My long-haired teddy bear hamster died on June 16,2003. I miss him very much but I know that my to other hamsters will make me happy. Well thanks for all the info . F.Y.I I got an "A" on the science project. :-}

Sarah - 2003-12-04
Hamsters are great! I have alot of hamsters. Some are Siberian and some are dwarf.They are all so fun to play with .

Anonymous - 2003-12-04
I have an abino and a banded syrian hamster, and they will be having babies any day now.

Kelsi - 2003-11-30
My hamster just gave birth to 7 babies this morning. She is very nice and calm about it and will even let me stroke her well she is nersing her babies. Thanks alot for the information about hamster babies! It really helped! This is my first time experiance of hamster birth. It is very exciting. If any expert can e-mail me back and let me know a little bit more on :Hamsters diets well giving birth, more about the babies, etc, that would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail is :


If it could be ASAP that would be even better!

Keishawn - 2003-11-18
Hi my name is Keishawn. Just a couple of weeks ago I bought two teddy bear hamsters a male and a female but they sleep in the same cage and they get along great they even sleep together but they rarely fight, but i need some help i dont see any signs of them breeding can you please post this so i an get some help. e-mail me at

Borert Kosinski - 2003-11-15
I worked in an albino hamster, drug testing laboratory, for fifteen years. They are truely wonderful animals and i regret exploiting them as we did. I would highly recomend them as a pet; I would know as i now keep over twenty-five as pets. They certainly brightened up my life for fifteen years and they still do.

Brandee - 2003-10-05
Hello my name is brandee green and yesterday my mom was driving home from work and a hamster ran across road. she stopped and picked it up. It is really tame, we think it was the schools across the road where it came from but we arent sure. Tomorrow we are taking it over to the school to see if it is the schools. We think its a teddy bear hamster. Its like a peach color with really dark ears. AIM or MSN me. AIM, MSN, Thank you and please send me pics of a teddy bear hamster and tell me what i need, thank you.

Jenna - 2003-09-30
I have two short hair teddy bear hamsters, 1 male and 1 femail that I am going to breed in a couple of weeks, and I am getting 2 dwarf hamsters in a few weeks, I found your site, it was helpful to me and I am glad I took time to read it.

~Tanis Ballek~ - 2003-09-25
Thank you very much im getting a teddy bear hamster not 4 a while until i no everything about them and i think i jsut learned everything it helped me out alot and i would again like to thank u for havin ur website up bubi

thanks ~tanis~