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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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emma - 2004-01-04
i have 7 russian dwarf hamsters and they are great. they are really friendly and are really nice colours like sandy brown and albino my mother hamster is about to give birth to her third litter and i cant wait for more to add to the collection!!!!

Patrick H. - 2004-01-04
I have two dwarf hamsters.The bigger one named "Digger" is white and my other the smaller one is named "Chewy" and is gray. They are both realy cute and are very easy to take care of. I recommend to have an exersize ball. I also recommend to give them something to chew on otherwise they chew out of a plastic cage and make very annoying sounds on a metal cage.

Monica - 2004-01-04
I have had three hamsters, all of them golden hamsters. Today I got another hammy but this one is a teddy bear. Its name is Tinkerbell and I am already in love with it. Hammies are great! Thanx

Jordan - 2004-01-03
My 5 year old sister recently got a hamster and i think i spend more time with it then my sister. His name is joey and he is so cute and so sweet. hamsters are one of the perfect pets.

Emily - 2004-01-02
Toaday I got a hamster.I named it Tubby. He loves his wheel.It is a fancy hamster he was sitting in his dish when I got him. Tomorrow I will train him to use his litter box.Thank You for all the info.

Karl - 2003-12-24
I have a lot of this type of hamster. They are very easy 2 look after. I got 20 of this type of hamster. The rest are teddy and robov.

Anonymous - 2003-12-23
My famliy just adopted a teddy bear hamster. His name is Spanky, he brings a lot joy and spunk to our home. We also have 3 mice and a turtle. Spanky is very adorable and very funny. We all hope that he will be in our home for a very long time!

Claire - 2003-12-22
I have a hamster. His name is Nifty. I just got him last week but he is great and fun to be with. I hang with him alot and my sister teaches her hamster(Cuddles) and Nifty how to climb up and down the stairs! I recommend hamsters to everyone!

Scott - 2003-12-17
I only have 1 hamster. It is a female at the age of about 25-27 weeks old. It is very small and very fast. It has a grey torso with a grey and white head, it also has a tiny tail that is grey also. I love my hamster and it is great fun to play with.

Kendra and Keisha - 2003-12-15
We have 15 russian dwarf hamsters and the only reason we have that many is I made the mistake of putting a male and a female together, but still we love them all. We even have a deformed one but we took him to the doctor and they said he will be fine. One of the little hamsters just had a litter. Dont make the same mistake I made because after one litter is grown up there will be a new litter from the babies. They do breed with their siblings.