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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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Monica - 2004-01-04
I have had three hamsters, all of them golden hamsters. Today I got another hammy but this one is a teddy bear. Its name is Tinkerbell and I am already in love with it. Hammies are great! Thanx

Jordan - 2004-01-03
My 5 year old sister recently got a hamster and i think i spend more time with it then my sister. His name is joey and he is so cute and so sweet. hamsters are one of the perfect pets.

Emily - 2004-01-02
Toaday I got a hamster.I named it Tubby. He loves his wheel.It is a fancy hamster he was sitting in his dish when I got him. Tomorrow I will train him to use his litter box.Thank You for all the info.

Karl - 2003-12-24
I have a lot of this type of hamster. They are very easy 2 look after. I got 20 of this type of hamster. The rest are teddy and robov.

Anonymous - 2003-12-23
My famliy just adopted a teddy bear hamster. His name is Spanky, he brings a lot joy and spunk to our home. We also have 3 mice and a turtle. Spanky is very adorable and very funny. We all hope that he will be in our home for a very long time!

Claire - 2003-12-22
I have a hamster. His name is Nifty. I just got him last week but he is great and fun to be with. I hang with him alot and my sister teaches her hamster(Cuddles) and Nifty how to climb up and down the stairs! I recommend hamsters to everyone!

Scott - 2003-12-17
I only have 1 hamster. It is a female at the age of about 25-27 weeks old. It is very small and very fast. It has a grey torso with a grey and white head, it also has a tiny tail that is grey also. I love my hamster and it is great fun to play with.

Kendra and Keisha - 2003-12-15
We have 15 russian dwarf hamsters and the only reason we have that many is I made the mistake of putting a male and a female together, but still we love them all. We even have a deformed one but we took him to the doctor and they said he will be fine. One of the little hamsters just had a litter. Dont make the same mistake I made because after one litter is grown up there will be a new litter from the babies. They do breed with their siblings.

Iza - 2003-12-13
I have 3 hamsters...a dwarf named Dot, And two teddy bear hamsters named Teddy and Caramel. They are the cutest!!! I would definetly recommend getting hamsters for a first pet! They are cute, cuddly, but require lots-a-love!

Shayna - 2003-12-06
I was at first just doing some research on hamsters for a school project but I was so interested in the information this site gives. I have an albino dwarf and a golden hamster. My long-haired teddy bear hamster died on June 16,2003. I miss him very much but I know that my to other hamsters will make me happy. Well thanks for all the info . F.Y.I I got an "A" on the science project. :-}