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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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Marlee - 2004-01-20
Vickie those are mislabled often as the cam. hamsters. They are called the Winter Whites.... they change colors in the Summer.. depending on how much light they get.. they can turn gray/brown to snowy bright white. Many times they are overpriced and mislabled to make it sound like special hamsters. For exmaple teddy bear hamsters are really long-haired syrians.

meenaksni - 2004-01-19
These animals are very quiet so they make very great pets for seniors!

Casey Hiebert - 2004-01-19
I have a Teddy Bear hamster. He is really cute. A few days ago he got lost in my basement!!! My basement is really messy. Luckily I found him under a desk. That night I cleaned him and guess what he had stored in his in his pouch. He had 3 christmas bulbs, a piece of plastic, a piece of Lego and a marble!!!

Jacinda - 2004-01-19
Hi my name is Jacinda, I think Hamsters are the best My Cousin had one but it died. But I have one in my Classroom & I love her her name is Snuggles & I love Hamsters all over the World. Jacinda-2004-19-04

Holli - 2004-01-16
My college roommate and I got a Teddy Bear Hamster about 2 months ago. He has red hair and his name is Punkie Jr. because I have red hair and my nickname is Punkie. I love my hamster and spoil him rotten. I play with him every day to make sure that he knows how much he is loved. My mother says that I treat him like he is a dog and pretends that she doesnt like him, but she calls herself his grandma when she thinks nobody is listening. We bought him a little play pen and made him toys out of tissue boxes and paper cups and he loves them more than any of the toys that we bought for him. Teddy bear hamsters are the perfect pet for people of any age and I reccomend them to everyone. I LOVE MY PUNKIE JR.!!!

Kendra - 2004-01-13
Russion Dwarf hamstors do not smell like other pets. The are a little nippy but if you get them young they will be your friend! They love to run so they will have to get alot of work outs! These animals should not be by a draft and should be very warm. They love to pouch food in there cheeks and store them somewerels in there cage. These hamstors love to explore so you can get atachments for there cage.
Another thing is that they love to be loved so you need time in your day to takecare of it.

rachael - 2004-01-10
my russian dwarf hamster has just had 7 babies,and this site is so cool

Vickie Mitchener - 2004-01-09
I recently got three adorable dwarf hamsters. The place I got them referred to them as Chameleon Dwarf Hamsters. If anybody out there knows what type of dwarfs these are, it would help me out as we just had babies and I would like to let the new owners know more about these little guys. You can e-mail me at

Maroo - 2004-01-07
Unlike Syrians who are happiest alone, by themselves, deep in a hole--dwarf hamsters like being with other dwarf hamsters and they quickly learn to love their human. They are like miniature micro dogs and will even lick your face!

Vera - 2004-01-06
I currently have two Syrian hamsters and a Russian Dwarf. One of the Syrians is a black rex called Balou, and the other one is a cinnamon satin called Leo. My Russian is called Dimitri. I love hammies, have had many in the past and will have many mor ein the future.