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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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Michelle Concha - 2004-02-13
I just got a pair of Russian Dwarfs. They are so cuddly and adorable. They do seem to enjoy being handled. My boys just love them. I am looking forward to breeding them.

cody - 2004-02-11
i just got a Teddy bear hamster and this site was very helpful, please keep updating about the teddy bear hamsters. Cody and Sprint(my hamster)

Emily - 2004-02-10
your web is great, did not mention that hamsters will go into hibernation if your house gets too cold. many pet hamsters have been mistaken for dead when they are in this state and thrown away or buried alive!

fiona - 2004-02-04
this site was very helpful, please keep updating about breeding hamsters, thank you again
fiona and sid (my hamster)
x x x

Danielle - 2004-02-01
I just love your web site!Now I know where to go to get help for my Ham-Ham!I hope you keep puting more information up!thanks and Mepit{My Ham-Ham}says BYE!

Jenn - 2004-01-30
ello, im a 16 yr old girl in high school. i have a teddy bear hamster.. hes wicked cute.. and HYPER ACTIVE!!... tho .. its REALLY hard to get information on them it seems as if "dwarf" hamsters are the only ones that exist.. GAR well.. hes cutes... names goofey.. dont ask.. my nehpew named him.. but ya..

Jolin Chen - 2004-01-28
Your website makes my hamster Jenny a really healthy one.
I wish for more details.
Thank you !

Jesse Cormier - 2004-01-26

Hi my name is Jesse,I am 12 years old and i have a Teddy Bear Hamster,his name is Hermon.Teddy Bear Hamsters are cute and loving pets.I play with him for about 1 hour every day.And clean his cage every few days. I would recomend a teddy bear hamster to anyone who has kids.
They are very fun to play with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

leeann hamers - 2004-01-21
iam a 4th grade student and i think your website was realey helpful for my project im doing about hamsters

thanks leeann

Marlee - 2004-01-20
Vickie those are mislabled often as the cam. hamsters. They are called the Winter Whites.... they change colors in the Summer.. depending on how much light they get.. they can turn gray/brown to snowy bright white. Many times they are overpriced and mislabled to make it sound like special hamsters. For exmaple teddy bear hamsters are really long-haired syrians.