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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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FRED - 2004-03-05
well thanks to all you people who said all this stuff, it really helps me to know how to take care or a hamster. i had 1 before but it got out. but now my mom has agreed that if i can take care of my bunnys and a hamster i can get. oh and my hamster i am getting is going to be named sir speddy.

FRED - 2004-03-03
hey thanks alot! i am so happy i found your site! i am getting a hamster soon and your site was a real help in hand. keep doin your thing it rocks!

P.S,you guys are AWSOME!!!!

marti - 2004-03-01
hi im marti (girl) and i have two hamsters. im not sure what breed but ones common i think! 1 is a boy (armani) and 1 is a girl (prada. armani bites but i dont care. i got them to breed and so far so good im not sure if prada is pregnant or not but i heard if the female eats alot it means shes pregnant i think and sleeps alot. but if she has pups i will jump 4 joy

Tosha Nichole WRench - 2004-03-01
I think they are cute . I just had a Teddy Bear Hamster and it died. I only had it for four days. I found out my Hamster had some thing wrong with it because it never ate. Ihave a big hole in my Heart. Nothing can ever replace it. I am getting another one but it can not replace my old one. The one that died name was Teddy Nichole Rench. The one that I am getting is just like the one that died is going to be named Teddy Jr Rench. I would do anthing to have my hamster back.

Grace - 2004-02-25
I have two Dwarf Hamster, Gus and Fluffy, and I just got a Teddy Bear Hamster, his name is Tetsuo. They are so cute and easy to take care of, even if Tetsuo wakes me up at night cause he wont stop running on his wheel =)

Lauren - 2004-02-21
Hamsters are so cute! I have a little hamster named Vanilla. I have had him for over a year. He is very lazy and sleeps all the time. He has compltely torn up his cage. He is so cute.

Morgan - 2004-02-20
I think this site is really helpful to all people who want a hmster and have a hamster and have NO idea what to do. Hamsters are great beginner pets. But u need to be gentle, but still play with them. They love that (when u play with them). I truely recommend a hamster to really anyone, especially children and people who r lonely with really no one else.

emma - 2004-02-19
i have three russian hamsters, two girls named stilivi and nika and a boy called jack. we bought the boy to mate with one of the girls and he has. i dont know for certain if she is pregnant but if she is i will be so happy! lol! i heard that they eat there first litter and if this is true would you be able to take the baby hamsters out of the cage till they are older and then put them back in to save them being killed? if you told me to recomend hamsters i would say get two female dwarf russians because unlike the males they dont bite you (well my male does lol). and even though they fight no one gts hurt (well...stilivi did bleed but i cleaned her up. ;)) get a decent large cage with lots of tunnels and a wheel and they will be so amazingly happy! ta 4 reading yol!

michaelann Regina Tyrrell - 2004-02-17
Hey I am michael-Ann, I am 12 years old, and i have a black bear hamster named Zalia. My friend Chelsea owns a Panda Bear Hamster named Zelia. They are so cute! My hamster is black with a white strip down the middle of her tummy. She is chubby but loves to be handle. She somtimes curls in the palm of my hand. I am glad i found this web sight. it taught me alot more about hamsters. I got my hamster august 17. Oh ya. Both my friend and me have girl hamsters. Thanks for the help!
Ham Ham Power!

Brittany Christie Felstead - 2004-02-15
I have a russian dwarf hamster called Peter and i have got lots of advice from your website. The pictures are so CUTE!!!!!! Hope to get more advice in the near future!