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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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Kelly - 2004-03-26
hi im kelly i have 5 teddy bear hamsters and am expecting more soon from nibbles and i have 7 dwarf hamsters and just recently added 5. my mum said i should sell them but no way. im getting some more after nibbles has her babies and if i never came across this web site i would never have got them! thanks!

Angelica Maldonado - 2004-03-24
My hamster is the cutest thing on earth and also my friend Guadalupe Cortez used to have two so she knows some things about them too! HAMSTERS RULE!

tiara a.k.a. baby - 2004-03-22
i like both kinds of hamsters both are so cute!

Emma Roberson - 2004-03-19
Its a great website!

Suzanne B - 2004-03-18
Hi. My name is Suzanne and I am 14. I have two campbells dwarf hamsters and I have found this website to be an exellent one. It is very informative and I give it a 9 out of 10. My female, Teddie, just had 5 babies. Teddie is an agouti and the daddy, Baby, is a platinum agouti and 4 of the babies look like the dad and one looks like the mom. I would not have known what to do without this site. Thank you so much!

emma - 2004-03-16

i am gettin my hamster on friday i am so happy and this site is alot of help to a first time owner.



Tracy - 2004-03-09
hey i am tracy. My hamster just had babies!!!! my mom is not too happy because she never wanted the one in the first place. I got it from a friend and she must had gotten pregnant before she left because i have only had them for 2 days.

Morgan Larrabee - 2004-03-08
The hamsters are very cute they are just for me!

victoria - 2004-03-07
i have a hamster and he is a male teddy bear hamster and i think that they are a great pet to have because they are sweet, cute, and very nice to have around! so if you are thinking of a pet to get i would say get a hamster.

Sarah - 2004-03-06
I think that this web site is very informational. I am going to get a hamster this week and now I know what to look for if my hamster is sick, I also like the pictures on this web site. it encouraged me to get a hamster and not a guinea pig. If I were to give this web site a score out of 10, 10 being the best I would give it a nine and a half