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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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lt04 - 2004-04-10
Hi i have a red eyed dwarf hamster who never goes to sleep really.My family reckons he has lost the PLOT !!!

alexandra - 2004-04-09
i think this is a really great website because i had gotten my first hamster and i was really nervous so my friend gave me this website and now im not so nervous than before thanx this is a great website!

Ayanna - 2004-04-06
Hi, My name is Ayanna. I just got a short hair hamster. This website helped me alot on how to keep her healthy. She seems very happy. Thanks for the great website!

Kelly - 2004-04-05
Hi I am Kelly and I have a Black bear hamster named Apollo and two russian Dwarfs named Butterball, male, and Kya, female. My twin and I really want to mate Butterball and Kya but we were having trouble convincing my mom. I am printing out some of these hints and I hope they will work.

brandon - 2004-04-05
I love my dwarfy. his name is minky like a mink coat his fur looks like those mink coats cuz hes gray and white, well you know what mink looks like! but im glad i took him from the evil pet store. they lied to us sooooooo much. the 2 main things that got me mad was they didnt tell us its sex and they didnt even know the name of it. they called it an Asian Dwarf Hamster, which from my knowledge, there is no such breed. so its a russian dwarf hamster i think :). im really happy with him and i hope your happy with yours :-D

Megan - 2004-04-05
hi i am megan and i have a russian dwraf hamster, it is albino. It likes to bite for some reason.
It even bites me. it is vary small for the size it is supposed to be. It is spussed to be 3 ins but it is only 1 and a half and it is an adult it is very weird.

nicolas berardino - 2004-04-04
i think hamsters are lovely animals and are brilliant for breeding and no performance of cruelty should be performed towards them they are perfect pets and are very playful

Selena - 2004-04-01
Hi, I just wanted to comment about Wet Tail, and how the Dry Tail is not very effective at all. Wet Tail is a very fatal disease, and even with the anti-biotics that the vets give out, I read that 80% of them still die. My little one has Wet Tail right now and I am really hoping she will get better. Anyway, I just wanted to comment that if a hamster appears to have this disease, then the first thing the owner should do is to take the hamster to a vet, RIGHT AWAY. Hamsters can die within 48 hours of when the symptoms have begun to show. Thank you =)

Nikki - 2004-03-28
Yes this web site helped me keep my hamster for a very long healthy life... thatk you! i love this site!

Megan - 2004-03-27
hey i really like your site. it has given me great information to help me with my new hamster that i am getting for easter. i already have experince with them because i had 3 other hamsters before this one that
i am getting. My first hamster was named Norman but was really a girl! My second was named Smokey and my last was Chipper. I really love Hamsters. The information from this site was really helpful! THANKS!!!!! If you could think up any names for a new fairly young sandy coloured(light brown) Hamster E-mail me at or add me to MSN because i go online quite a bit!

Thankx MegZZ_018