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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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Donna and AjaXX - 2004-06-19
For Parents,
A couple of years ago my daughter Allison became interested in Hamsters. Now she is a true lover and also quite the expert. Although I am not a hamster lover I love the way she has bonded with her pets. Hamsters are also very cost free. They may only cost about 20.00 in supplies,every five months. I also love the visits from the kids in the neighborhood to see Allisons Pet hamster.
For other tips Allison would like E-mails @

adnama316 - 2004-06-15
i have a teddy bear hamster named Hammy.he has manny nicknames:Hambone,Ham,and The Hamster.He has been a joy 2 have.Teddy bear hamsters are the absulute best to have. hammy is even poty trained!

Gregory - 2004-06-15
Next Wednesday, I am supposed to get two winter white dwarf hamsters. At the time I am a bit nervous if this is a good choice. Also, I am getting lots of different opinions. Next week, I will experience something I have been waiting for, for over a year.

Kelly S - 2004-06-09
All hamsters are very special pets. I find that i like the dwarf the best. i dont know why i just think that they are so cute and when you have them out to run around they do the cookiest little things. i have 2 gals my self and they are just the sweetest angels. Dwarf hamsters dont make much of a mess with the waste and they are just lovable little things, i love them.

Vicki - 2004-06-06
I read that female dwarf hamsters are better housed together than two males. If you change the room temperature once the female is pregnant you can determind whether there will be more females or more males, a hotter temperature - more males and a cooler temperature - more females. This is what it says on a website: It has long been known that russian fathers (both campbell and winter white) help care for the young and Dr Fred Petry in his book on dwarf hamsters reports that the survival rate of the young is 95% after five days when the father is present but only 47% when only the mother is caring from them. hamster timeline: day 1 - no fur, small, pink and hard to recognise day 5 - have their first taste of food, fur developing. day 14 - you can touch the pups and their eyes open. day 21 - It is possible to remove the pups. 4 to 5 weeks - the pups sexually mature. 2 months - the youngest advised to breed if wanted.

Comment - The website was very useful to me, i like the layout!!

Tiff - 2004-06-05
I have a Teddy Bear hamster named HAM. She is really funny when she climbs to the top level of her cage and jumps off! she has a ladder to get down but she jumps instead, it is only a five inch drop. I have learned a bunch of new things so I can take care of HAM. Thanks!

Barbara Lavelle - 2004-06-01
I have several dwarf hamsters. They can be very sweet, however they are extremely territorial as a general rule and are very prone to bite when they are inside their cage. Once they are out of there cage they can be alot of fun. As with any animal or human, personalities can vary and you will need to take time to get to know your pet. You will soon find out their unique personalities and hopefully have a mutually rewarding friendship.

hunter - 2004-06-01
I named my hamster Zoe. My baby sis can say it because it is the name of her best friend!! I taught my hamster to go around my shoulder!! It was fun!!

liam hedges - 2004-05-29
russian dwarf hamsters are the most loveable creaters ever

Katrina - 2004-05-26
I just wanted to say I got my first hamster a few months ago. I have a Black Bear Hamster named Willow and he is just wonderful and very friendly. He has only bitten when we first got him and very active. Recently he had to go to the Vet cause I noticed he might have wet tail. They kept him over night and are giving him antibiotics and hand feeding him. I have been reading sites that say even with antibiotics he could still die. I really hope not cause he is helped me out in these few months. I feel like he is my child and I talk about him all the time to my friends and co-workers. Just watching him is very peaceful. I wish I could own This site has helped me alot with being a first time owner. Thank you