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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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Anonymous - 2004-09-06
hamters are so cute when they are babies!

Shay - 2004-08-26
Hamsters Rock!

Anonymous - 2004-08-26
I hate people who say all hamstars bite cuz itz not true at all!

Patty - 2004-08-26
Hi, Stuie is alot better now. But Star the very active and playful die last night. In the morning when i woke up she was hard and just there. I wonder what happen to her because I check on them that night and she in the food bowl eatting. Stuie and me miss her alot. do ya think I should get him a new girlfriend. I try my best in taking good care of them. I have no idea how she die. Stuie was sick and skinny one. but i guess.

Patty - 2004-08-25
Well, Stuie is feeling better. I took him to vet but I realize that I knew more about hamster then that stupid vet at Eagle Pass. I took him to Del Rio where the Vet told me not to give them fresh food for a week and thats how he got better. Thanks god. Well, Stuie, Star and me are getting along good I let them go free in my room when I clean the cage. They are so easy to find. Well bye Thanks for this web site it realy helps to know stuff.

Imogen Morgan - 2004-08-21
Your site is as cool as my three hamsters, Basil, Rachel an Wendy. Basil is a golden teddy bear hamster and rachel and wendy are iential twin russian dwarf hamsters lots of love immi

Patty - 2004-08-20
I have two teddy bear hamsters. Their names are Stuie and Star my boyfriend gave them to me. I dont know if Stuie is getting sick or if he is normal. I work 12 hours a day. So, I dont play with that much. but Stuie when i got him he was very active and fat. Now he just sleeps and skinny. I think that he has a Wet Tail. I hope not. I am going to take hom to the vet today after work.I love my hamster alot. they make nosie at night so i know i am not alone.

Anonymous - 2004-08-19
Dwarf hamsters are handsome and smart - although they require a lot of gentle handling and attention to prevent them from turning feral (or, as my husband calls it, "turning into psychotic little...").

eddy tadep - 2004-08-18
i have one campbell dwarf hamster. it has pinkish whitish spots on its ears so we call him spots. I had three more but my brother let them go. one was blackish grey, chinchila, and the two others were brown with white. Spidey and patches. man i hate him sometimes. any way thanks for your help.

Eddy tadeo 8-18-04

Imogen Morgan - 2004-08-15
I have had a golden teddy bear hamster called Basil for nearly two years now. He is so funny to look at. I groom him for about 15 minutes a day with a toothbrush to make his fur stay untangled. Recently I got two 5 week old russian dwarf hamsters from Bristol Dogs And Cats Home that had been abandoned at 3 weeks of age. They are so fast and I reckon both of them put together are not as big as Basil. Because Basil can smell the hamsters from the other side of the bedroom he climbs up one side of his cage and drops down to the bottom. I am looking around for two dwarf sized hamster balls, Basil has a ball and goes in it at least four times a day.
From Imogen in Bristol