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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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megyn - 2004-09-28
i had a teddy bear hamster named teddy that i got in the 4th grade from a friend. he was the SWEETEST hamster you could meet. he would sleep in your arms because he was 3 years old. he died on january 8 2004 at the age of 4. i miss him so badly. i have 2 russin darf hamsters and they are a bit mean. one of them chatters at you!!!!

Thomas - 2004-09-23
I have 5 dwarves, thought I knew everything possable but, your great info prooved me wrong !!!

chrissy - 2004-09-22
hey i have had my hamster for 1 year and i dont know what id do without her .

chrissy brewer12ohio

ROSIE - 2004-09-17
I have a russian dwarf called mrs nibbles even tho it is a boy i thought it was a girl b4 i recently got it he is gr8 a little nippy but gr8 and cuddly

Mei - 2004-09-09
I just got a teddy bear hamster, I was scared first because my first hasmter bit me ALOT and was very nasty but this one, Fuzzy Wuzzy Furball is such a sweetheart! I love her!

Melissa June - 2004-09-08
Hi, my name is melissa and i just bought my son a teddy bear hamster but it died that night, i went back and got another one and it was doing fine until i put it in my room. I keep my room cooler than usual so i am assuming that these particuliar kind of hamsters need heat or need to keep a nice room temp but not too cold. The other hamster that i have in my room which is a dwarf hamster seems to be unaffected by the cold but both of the bear hamsters died because of the coldness. So i feel this is a very major factor with these types of hamsters. I noticed that several of you that have these kinds of hamsters are having the same problem so do me a favor and see if the room temp has anything to do with it. I have to keep my room very cold because i cant sleep if its not and i get hot flashes really bad so i have to keep cool. So the bear hamster i had was doing ok until i put it in my room so i have to assume that the cold will kill these hamsters. Thanks

kjsv - 2004-09-08
i have a hamster

Sirhc - 2004-09-08
I had arussian dwarf and he was the softest cutest and most lovable hamster to my experiance with my 3 hamsters. he died about 1 week ago and i was extremely sad. i will never forget the love he gave to me and his buddy, smokey the cambells dwarf hamster.

kylie - 2004-09-07
I have a hamster for biology and your website helped find what i needed to know about the little critters. THanks a lot for everthing.

Andrew - 2004-09-06
i have a guinea pig and 3 hamsters and 2 cats mi mom thinks its a zoo because mi room i s a bit small and im breeding hamsters rightnow its sweet!!!!