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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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hamsterlover - 2010-08-08
I'm going to get a hamster soon but I'm scared he is going to bite me should I ask the workers there which won't bite? Please help.

quintera carter - 2009-11-08
I have a hamster named fatboy. He is the most coolest hamster I have ever meet. I love him. I got him July 12, 2009.

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  • daejah - 2010-07-30
    Fatboy! LOL! I love that name maybe one day you could put a pic. of fatboy online to see if he is really fat . OXOX D@3_i&H (a.k.a Daejah)
Hannah - 2010-07-05
Um I don't really have a comment but I have a question. I have two hamsters who have 8 babies and I got another female but I don't know what breed she is! I don't know what breed my other two are either but I want to breed my new female with my male. Does anyone have good advice for finding out how to determine what breed hamsters are?

armeen - 2010-06-17
My hamster died I feel so sad all the time so sad isn't it.

Tiffany - 2010-06-02
I have a honey bear hamster that has a big bulging bump on his nose and is starting to lose his fur around the nape of the neck. He eats and drinks fine but he a has a bacterial smell to the places he has lost hair. I am wondering if their is an OTC product I can use instead of going to the vet. Please let me know what to do? We have had the hamster about 2 years.

owen - 2010-05-03
My hamster is very very MEAN! It is a fancy russian dwarf hamster.

Angie - 2010-04-27
How do you potty train your hamster? I bought her potty and put some of her droppings in it but she is still going in her nest.

jess - 2010-04-19
I got 4 hamsters and one of them is named cheba and she will sit there and smoke with me.

Carmina - 2010-04-05
I'm planning on getting a hamster, and this site is helping me a lot with all I need to know. Thank-you Dr.Jungle

?? - 2010-03-21
My hamster passed away March 11,2010 His name was Chip and he was born on my birthday!! AMAZING right!