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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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Danielle - 2007-04-07
i bought a male dwarf hamster name Teddy in November, and my boyfriend just bought me 2 more dwarf hamsters yesterday. both r females name Beavis and Butthead (boyfriends idea). well when i put Teddy and Beavis together, they were breeding and i was like "wow, they just met". when i put teddy and butthead together, they just fight. teddy is trying to breed with her but butthead wont let him. but they all are so cute and nice.

ALVEENA - 2007-03-30
HI! My name is Alveena and I just got two teeny tiny baby dwarf hamsters! I named them Kisses and Hugs. They are so cute! I've never had hamsters before but I'm looking forward to the experience.

JLA - 2007-03-29
I bought my daughter three hamsters and sadly within a day two died, we had a long hair left. We went to get a repalcement hamster at a different pet store and ended up with three more (they were being sold as snake food for $1.09). When we got home we realized that we now had two males and two females. They were housed in the same cage for two days (not recommended) The female that we got with the males became noticably fatter so we figured she was pregnant, sure enough she had a litter of 9 pups. They are now 10 days old and very healthy. Our other female (long hair) gave birth two days ago to 8, sadly one died. Our total is now 20 hamsters. So far one baby has a home, I don't think my 2 and 3 yr old will let anymore go. We have switched our males over to bins due to the bigger size of them, once the pups are big enough both mothers will get bins as well as all the pups. Although this was completely unplanned it has been a great experience for my daughters, They now only take care of the males due to their age and I don't want them disturbing the mothers. We have documented (a little) the progress of the hamsters and are considering breeding again in the future, our hamsters have their own room, so there is plenty of space.

Charmel - 2007-03-28
One of our "baby" golden hamsters just had her first litter-14 or 15 pups! We got her when she was about 6 weeks old and mated her with a 1 year old male. We weren't even sure she was a female until they connected almost immediately. We are very excited but also worried about finding housing should the entire litter survive. Wish us luck. Hamsters are so sweet.

AnaMaria - 2007-03-26
When I was 8 years old all I wanted was a hamster. Christmas was coming and I was so excited for it to soon arrive. I would ask my friends if they knew if I was getting anything small and furry. (*Wink Wink*) Whenever my friend Julie would start giving me hints on my ultimate Christmas present my brother would get mad and start beating her up. But I wwould just cover my ears because I always liked surprises.
So when christmas came I was so excited! But i opened all my gifts and there was no hamster to be found. But my mom said
"wait there is just one thing we haven't given to you yet." I was so excited to see what she and my dad were going to bring out. But the wait was over, My mom brought in 2 Desert Dwarf Hamsters! I was so happy, and til this day I have only 1 Desert Dwarf Hamster.

Katie - 2007-03-24
I have a Teddy bear hamster and she is very nice, her name is Sammy. when you first get a Teddy bear hamster they will not like to be alone umless they have been in a cage by themselves. They will Squeal for a little while, but they will get used to the home. (do NOT pick up a Teddy bear hamster or any other hamster while they are sleeping they will bite.)

Angie - 2007-03-22
My hamsters name is Rosey. she is very fun, smart, and the thing I like most about her is she knows who her mommy is(ME). She comes right to me when i open the cage and I always know when she wants me to hold her. She will start squealing and making a lot of noise. Another thing she does is when she wants a treat she stands on 2 feet and just stares at me until I look at her. then she starts doing tricks and it is so funny. The funnest thing she has ever done is she puts all her hay in one corner and makes her self a bed, but its more like a castle.

sacre12345 - 2007-03-17
hi! my name is Diana, 2 weeks ago me and my brother bought two females hamsters. we named one snowhite and the other one tina. snowhite has black and white squares all over her body, she looks like a chessboard. she is so cute, and tina was a mix of brown, white and black. 2 days after we bought the hamsters we found out that tina wasn't a female, but a male. Now they have 16 pups. I don't know what i'm going to do wih all of them but i'm sure i won't let them go because they're just so cute. I love them all.

Lilly - 2007-03-16
Hi i'm lilly. i have a 3 year old teddy bear hamster. yes he's a senior, i just had found out that they only come to live 2 years now. i'm scared, i really love Banana. yea thats his name. he's the sweatest lil thing. he likes to run around a lot and he eats his veggies. i give him milk once a week, he loves crackers, and he's never gotten sick. he's my little angel.

Leah - 2007-03-16
My sister and I really wanted a hamster real bad. We waited a while then mom and dad took us to a pet store and we got 2 teddy bear hamsters! So cute! Mine was named Spice and my sisters Sugar. Sad thing, they both died in early morrning Friday, a week from when we got them. Died from Wet Tail. Then we got 2 more this time Robo Dwarf Hamsters. They looked exactly alike! Mine is named Cookie and my sisters Custard. Once again, this time not even a week my sisters died. We think from a broken back. She says shes not going to get another one, but then again she might. They were really close buddies I'd have to say. I do hope mine lives! We already have 1 cat, 1 dog, 1 horse, and 2 fish. We hope we can add hamsters to our family!