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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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Lacey Teagues - 2007-05-06
Hey my names lacey and i have or had two dwarf hamsters. my first one i got died a couple weeks ago. she was one year old and 21 days. her name was Patience, and man did she have alot of patience! she made me feel better when i was down. i mean, how many hamsters do you know that actually lick you like a dog? not that many. i still have my other dwarf hamster L.A. which i do love, but she bites me. i really do miss patience, after all she was my first hamster! but i know she's in a better place, at least i got pictures! the day she passed away, i went to a birthday party, came home and patience didnt move like she usually does when i get home. and then i cried my eyes out until nothing would come out. it tramatized me. the weird thing was, a couple nights before my hamster died, my mom had a dream that she was laying on her back dead. i will never forget her.

sydney - 2007-04-27
Hi! I have a hamster named Oreo. She is a panda bear hamster and is very, very sweet! She is so furry and cuddly. Those hamsters live up to at least 2 years. I got very lucky, she is about 3 years and 1/2. Unfortunately, she is very ill, and we don't know what is wrong. She is walking funny, and she can only turn one way. And if she tries to turn the opposite way, she falls over on her back. She also isn't eating (because she cant make it over to her bowl). It's painful to watch, and kind of makes me cry. She bit me because i tried to help her to, she has quite a grip. We think she had a stroke. She probably will die soon :(. I
think it would be a miracle if she was still alive tomorrow. If you see any of these side affects, i suggest you see a vet right away.

eunice - 2007-04-22
hi,im eunice and i have a dwarf winter white siberian hamster,he is the cutest thing. i never had a hamster like this, he likes to climb ladders and swing on his tube and swing in his hamsterlarium. he started biting but he wasnt allowed to. his favorite fresh foods are: oranges, appples, bananas, mangos, melons, and lettuce. he is 4 months old and his birthday is december 26,2006! i just got him and i was so happy. his name is mr. marshmallow. he is a boy and he likes to go in his hamster ball. i luv him as much as i do.

i have 2 dog schnauzers that are 5 years old.they are so kkute that you stop likeing them.if they died id be crying everydayy.mai aunt gave me the dogs cuz she couldnt take care of it anymore. their names are pokie and toby.they are siblings. they are gray white and balck. their b-day is feb.22,2000! i luv them as much as they luv me ..thank you for reading dis much and wasting your time....sorry
p.s. i luv u joann..

Autumn - 2007-04-21
Hi! My name is Autumn and if your thinking about getting a pet i think you should consider getting a hamster! Hamsters are GREAT pets, but remember if you get a hamster you need to: feed it [which means give it water to], bathe it, clean its cage once every 10 days, play with it, and last but not least LOVE IT! Trust me, my first pet was a hamster and her name was climber [i think you already know why her name is that!]. She only lived up for a year then died in my moms hands when i was 6 almost 7[i think because her lungs got clogged D:]. But, 6 years later now i have a beautiful teddy bear hamster named Sassy Lassy, [i named her that cuz' when i first got her she kept on being Sassy!] and shes pregnant and about to have babies in about 3 or 4 days! Also she just got her long fur!

Emily - 2007-04-20
hamsters are lively animals with lots of energy.

emslie - 2007-04-10
i have a small cute golden hamster and he is the sweetest! he always is so curious and when i take him out of his cage he sticks his little paws up in the air and wiggles his cute little nose. his name is beverley because when i got him i thought he was a girl but i guess not. and i decided that since he got used to his name he should not have it changed. all i have to say to you is hamsters are the cutest and if you get one love it like its your own child. trust me, it rewards big time!

greyson - 2007-04-09
I have a Dwarf hamster, he's so cute. his name's Teddy and he lives like a king.

Ella - 2007-04-08
well i went out yesterday and was some adorable dwarf hamsters, so i got one and now i have one called tinker. Its so playful and cute.

Lanen - 2007-04-08
I have been a hamster owner since i was 7 and i have learned alot about the little furries from my own experiences. For older beginners, i suggest russian Dwarf hamsters, due to their lovable nature and human friendly ways (for older people because their small bodies tend to be harder to hold). Where, for younger owners, i would recommend teddy bear hamsters (they are larger and are easier to hold if they start to squirm). I have also found that when teddy bear hamsters get older, some start to let their hygiene go, cleaning their long fur less. To me, the best way to bathe Your teddy hammy is to take a shallow bucket/ pan and fill it with luke warm water (no more than neck length on your hammy). If no shallow bucket is available, take a regular bucket and (once its filled to about 1 inch away from the top) drape a large wash cloth over the rim and let some of the center of the cloth dip into the water. water will fill this hammock & you have a perfect place to bathe your furry friend.

Kaitlynn - 2007-04-08
Hey there, Im kaitlynn. I live in FortMcMurray, Alberta but yesterday I was in Edmonton, Alberta. I was going to go shopping so I had some more cloths after spring break but then I saw some puppies in a petstore at the West Edmonton Mall, after that I just had to go take a look at the other pets. There were some Teddy bear hamsters so I bought two of them because they were just so cute! Now I have two male teddybear hasmters, one I named Cheako and he's a light brown/golden coulor and he's really friendly. The other one is his big brother which I can't decide what to name him, but he's black and white, him and his brother (Cheako) have the same patterns on them but Cheako has light brown and white fur instead of black and white. My black hamster is really mean, he bites at people when they try to pick him up. They're just babies still so I keep them in the same cage. But soon Im going to get another cage for them.