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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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Louise - 2007-06-11
I have read that a girl "bathes" her hamster in the sink. You should never do this as hamsters are fully able to wash themselves and a hamster can become really ill if they come in to connect with water!

Nicola and Katrina - 2007-06-09
Me and my twin both love our dwarf hamsters very much. We each have favourite ones. Sometimes they fight but other than that they are very cute and friendly. Sometimes they bite but thats if they feel threatened. i sometimes want to know why they fight and wonder if we have too many in one cage. They are faster and smaller than normal hamsters, and they shouldnt be fed fruit and veggies everyday =]

BRITTANY - 2007-06-05
i went to clean out my two hamsters cage today and found the one, ken, dead. so i did some research trying to find out what happened. i figured it out. barbie was a teddy bear hamster and ken was a black bear hamster. they cant live together. teddy bear hamsters get solitary. putting the two together can lead to serious fighting or even death, and thats what happened. : [ barbie killed ken, evil little booger. so dont put black bear hamsters with teddy bear hamsters, one might get hurt or even die. dont make the same mistake i did.

Kelly Marler - 2007-06-01
I recomend you take hamsters to the vet. The Vet: cuts nails, gives shots, cuts over grown teeth, checks for and gets rid of - lice, mites, fleas, etc.

Claudia - 2007-05-28
hi my name is claudia, i have one siberian hamster. her name is lucy and she is about a year and four months old. i love her so much. i got her when one day my dad came home and said he got me something. he took me to the car and i saw her. she was about 8 weeks old and had light brown with some white fur. i am so grateful to have her, she is so interesting. sometimes when im asleep i hear her playing on her exercise wheel or sometimes i hear her nibbling on her hide out vitamin ball. its really cute but sometimes it scares me. hopefully everyone who doesnt have a hamster can be introduced to our small furry friends. love claudia

Lauren - 2007-05-27
Hello! I'm Lauren and I have had lots of hamsters in the past and loved them! They are so funny and when they are confused or hyper their reaction is priceless! :D I will say it loud and clear, IF YOU WANT A HAMSTER, GET A HAMSTER! Well, as long as you are a responsible owner, etc, etc. I only have one hamster now, an adorable dwarf hamster called Zookie. She is a female and has really long hair! xD so cute! So yes, i would definitely recommend getting a hamster!

joe - 2007-05-24
hi, i am joe and i had my first hamster and i loved it so much. i had it for three weeks and one day i was in the shower and came out, and it pushed its gate open and my dog got it. i recommend to everyone to keep your door closed and close your cage with a twisty tie. i miss him so much. R.I.P Rodney

Emily - 2007-05-22
hi im Emily and i have 2 hamsters and im getting another. i love hamsters because they are so cute and cuddly. if i ruled the world anyone who liked hamsters would have one, lol.

BECCI - 2007-05-21
Hi my names Becci, I am 26yrs old and have two golden hamsters, 1 long haired and 1 short haired. I was given them after a friend of mines child no longer wanted them. Since then they have become my best friends. I bought new cages which are 3 tier and they keep me amused watching them getting up to all sorts. Hamsters are great pets for people of all ages.

Michelle Malonzo - 2007-05-20
I have a Russian Campbell Dwarf hamster. My hamster's name is Miley because my fathers friend had a dog name million. He/she died, so i decided to name my pet Miley. The important thing is if you have a hamster you have something to cheer you up. You have to clean the cage every 2-3 days, and you have to change water everyday.