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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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Nicole D. - 2007-07-08
When I moved to San Francisco, I was in need of a little animal to dote on. Of course, city living doesn't always allow the possiblity to have a cat or dog. I walked into my local pet store and I fell in love with this grey & white super furry teddy bear hamster. Since hamster are so quiet there wasn't a problem having one in my apartment. George is a wonderful little friend. He has only nipped my finger once, because it smelled like a treat and not out of aggression. He is active in the wee hours of the morning - around 12:30am he slowly begins his day, but by 3am I hear the little wheel spinning out of control. Best to invest in some ear plugs if you are going to keep the cage in your bedroom. He loves brocolli, watermelon, almonds, cheese, turkey, dog biscits, and grapes. Along with his fruits and veggies, he enjoys basic store kibble and some treats. As an added excitement, I got him a track to run around in his ball, but I think he was so use to running around the apartment that the track is too boring and he doesn't seem to use it. Eh, I tried. Anyway, I had a hamster when I was 14yrs. old - I didn't quite get then how great they are and I'm happy to rediscover the happiness of having a Hammy. I love George!

casey - 2007-07-08
I had two dwarf hamsties (hamsters) and they really didn't get along, but they kinda did. I had separate cages and I put them together almost everyday. Then I was going to move and I put them together and they got along fine. Then on the 4th of july my youngest hamstie died!=..(...

Tiffany - 2007-07-02
I have two dwarf hamsters, and they are sisters. I didnt know that they fight over food and stuff. One day I saw something red in the food bowl and it was blood.:( Then I invited my friend over and she said that they can fight about stuff like that until one of them dies.(we got another cage for the other hamster) So just be careful when you have dwarf hamsters, even if they are related.

joe - 2007-06-30
Hamsters are cute but they leave messes, small odors, bites, and alot more. They are good for every person in the world if they are kind and responsible. So get a russian dwarf hamster, they are unexpensive and cute. Thank you, Animal boy

animal boy - 2007-06-30

A hamster takes 4 weeks to know its owner. I have had 5 hamsters and have learned they love to eat hamster cookies. They also need to be in a summer and winter proof area. They can die of a heat stroke or cold bacteria can go into the food and cause wet tail. So take care of your hammy.

Bobby - 2007-06-28
My golden hamster, Doby is three months old and is very adorable! He loves to run in his cage wheel and loves to run in his ball. He also loves to scare my mom!!!

Samantha - 2007-06-23
I had two boy teddy bear hamsters named Salt and Pepper. I got them when they were only 10 weeks old. I loved them with all my heart and cleaned their cage every week. Pepper and Salt were 2 1/2 years old when one day Pepper was just randomly dead =[. They have known each other since birth so I know they didn't fight. So Salt and I were devastated but we still had each other. After a while Salt started losing his hair, it didn't matter to me, he was still perfect. Then he was getting less and less active, to where I rarely saw him awake. A little while after that, I was holding him and realized my poor Salt had gone blind. Even then, I cared for him just like I always had. It was 9 months after Pepper's death, and Salt had just turned 3 the month before. I kissed and hugged him goodnight, like normal, at about 9 at night. I slept silently then woke to my cat at about 11:30pm. I could feel my cat had something furry, I couldn't quite tell what. I figured it was a stuffed animal, but what worried my was, why would she wake me up for that? She set the thing down at the end of my bed while I was walking to turn on my light. I turned around and broke out in tears to see my Salt, laying on my bed with two gaping teeth marks in his back. He was bleeding horribly and suffering for air. I tried putting medicine on it and hoped and prayed that just maybe, he would pull through. I sat on my bed and held him with a blanket, it didn't take long to realize I was slowly losing him. I cried and talked to him, for what seemed like forever. I told him he would see his brother soon, and he would not be blind and he would grow his beautiful coat back out, and his terrible wounds would heal. He just layed there, gasping for air. I prayed, "God please don't make him suffer any longer, take him now and let him get better, let him see his brother," I prayed, "Cuddle them both close to you like they were special." Right as I said that he just stopped. Everything. He wasn't gasping or trying to move or anything. I weeped by his dead body for hours, but at the same time I wanted to feel happy. Now he can see how wonderful heaven is, he is now reunited with his brother. He's not suffering. He was all that was on my mind for weeks on end. I was too miserable to hardly look at my rabbits anymore, they were the same colors and breeds of both Salt and Pepper. It has now been exactly 45 days since this happened. And just today I got a dwarf hamster. I wouldn't give Nutmeg, Salt and Pepper's cage. No, the cage and bowl sits where I can remember it, and Nutmeg get's a brand-new cage. With 3 cats, 1 dog, 2 rabbits, 1 horse, 1 hermit crab, 2 pigs, 1 mouse, and now a dwarf hamster, I hadn't used up much of my love for small furry creatures yet. I did hesitate, but finally decided to get another hamster, but of a different breed. Then came Nutmeg and even though I have only had her for one day, I know I will love her with all my heart (Along with all the others) But she will never replace my Salt and Pepper.

ChristieRaye - 2007-06-15
I have one teddy bear hamster named Hammy and he is so smart! I got him a year ago when I knew nothing about hamsters. I learned in that time that hamsters are great pets for anyone, and that you really need to assemble your hamster's cage well or he will ecscape!

Tiki-kola - 2007-06-14
I had two hamsters, Chestnut and Daisy. I loved them because they were so cute, cuddly, and adorable. Then one day I realized that both of them were sick. The next day I was going to take them to the vet, but on the way there Chestnut died. When I went in the waiting room, Daisy got very hyperactive and about 5 minutes later she collapsed. I was so devastated. R.I.P CHESTNUT AND DAISY!

Carly - 2007-06-12
hamsters are so weird. my hamster Dusty crawled through this crack in our couch that led nowhere, or so we thought. she got into the bottom of the couch where we couldn't get her. we had to tip the couch and cut a hole to get her out. the whole time i was so scared that i almost cried. I figured out that wherever hamsters can fit their head, their bodies can get into, too. now my hamster keeps trying to get into that hole again.