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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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Blake - 2007-09-01
i have 2 dwarf hamsters. one is chinese and one is russian. the russian is white with a grey stripe. he is so cute except he likes to go go go! if you want a hamster i would suggest chinese, they are much calmer.

alyssa kacprzyk - 2007-08-31
i love hamster! i have a super sweet and loving one right now. he is a long-haired teddy bear named peanut, and my brother has one that looks like its twin named gizmo. i was really mad that he got one that looked like mine, but i built a bridge and got over it! i would do anything for my hamster peanut, and he is so SPOILED! but you gotta love him!

Grace - 2007-08-15
I bought my dwarf campbell hamsters last month. they are cute, adorable, and very energetic. i love them so much. i don't really know how old they are but today i saw them 'kissing'. i just hope i can see the kids soon.^^

Amber - 2007-08-14
This is a sad story sooo... I had a syrian hamster, she was a female and her name was Pumkin. She was the cutest and there was something about her, she just understood what i was going through in my life. She never bit me or anything, but one day i went to go see her and she was breathing every minute, it looked like she was dead. Well i know she could not move, kinda like paralyzed, but she was in her cage the whole time. I was there crying and holding her, telling her she can't die, and i did as much as possibly could do to help her. Then she started to open her mouth when she was breathing every 10 seconds. So then i found a box to put her in with a rag and blanket. I was in my moms room showing her what Pumkin was doing that was freakin me out. Then she turned around on her back very slowly and the this watery stuff came out of her nose. I said mom whats happening? She said Oh My God Amber pumkin just died.:( I put the box she was in down and ran to the bathroom crying like i never have before. Well, I gave her a really special ring that i put in her box that i buried her in. I told her i would never forget her and she would always be my favorite hamster. I still cry til this day. :(

Anonymous - 2007-08-13
My hamster died when he was about 3 years old and they are kind of a lot of work but I have always loved hamsters. Before you buy an animal you should always read about it because my friend bought one and she thought it would be easy to care for and she ended up selling her hamster. What is sad is that was a gift to her. Be careful what you ask for!

jess - 2007-08-12
hi, I recently got 2 male dwarf hamsters, they are called Chikko and Chibi. I'm guessing there about 5 weeks old. Dwarf hamsters are the best!

Denisse R. - 2007-08-11
Hello there, my name is Denise and I have 23 Hamsters; 7 babies, 12 golden 'n' dwarf mix hamsters, 4 dwarf hamsters, and t new teddy bear hamsters. Great pets if you don't have a big house. They are awesome with my little girl and other pets like a zebra finch. They love to play and run all over my room. I have made a playground for my hamsters. It has wheels, food and water dishes, toys, chew toys, a little sand box, hay and much more. They love to go out on their ball and they will come if I call they're names, that's sweet huh? Thanks too this site for all the info and care tips...

Lauren-------age 13 - 2007-07-30
about half a year ago i fell in love with a cute amazing teddy bear hamster. i loved her and i visited her every day for a week and did some research. i asked my parents if i could have her and they said NO! i was really sad but i still went to visit her. one day i went there and she was gone. i was so sad. i talked to my parents and gave an extensive case about wanting a hamster. they finaly agreed to let me have a hamster! but i had to do a bunch of chores and anything they asked for two weeks and i had to clean my room. i did all that stuff and my parents took me to the pet store and i got my friend Pepsi. i love pepsi and he loves me and i am so happy that i have him. he loves running in his ball and he likes cheese and peanut butter. i love him and he loves me!

Devon - 2007-07-29
when I was around seven, I had purchased a black bear hamster and named her Midnight. on the computer my mother and I had researched about hamsters and heard black bears were the best. it turned out to be a lot of hard work, but I could do it. it required weekly changing the water, thoroughly cleaning out her tank, changing her bedding, and daily refilling her food dishes. but after all that hard work, turned on me and bit me 4 separate times, one of the times going all the way through my finger! on top of that, she last only a short time of 7 or 8 months, dying from wet-tail. it was a big disappointment to me and next time I get a hamster, it will probably not be a black bear hamster.

Anonymous - 2007-07-22
i just got a teddy bear hammster its soooooo cute