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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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Shelby King - 2007-10-20
I just bought my daughter, who is now six, two long hair teddy bear hamsters. At first when I heard that they have a tendency to bite I was kind of worried about how they'd be with my daughter. But both of them are sweet as can be and they are both females, named Lilly and Lola. They get along great with each other and they love to be held and petted. If you know anybody or if you are thinking about getting one, I would highly recommend it. They are not hard to take care of, they are so sweet, and they are fun animals to have around the house!

crissy - 2007-10-17
I have four very fat and spoiled hamsters. Sometimes when i get off of work i wake them up and snuggle with them. My hamsters are part of our family, they even have there own playdates. Now if thats not funny i don't know what is.

dana - 2007-10-02
Hi My husband and I "inherited" two Syrian hamsters from our daughter when she moved away. We had to learn how to care for them and clean their cages. We became very attached to them as we developed a relationship with them. They both had different personalities - they loved to play and run in their balls around our family room and the hall ways. They were adults when we got them so we didnt know how old they were. A few weeks ago I noticed a lump on Blondie's throat near his chest. I took him to the vet who did a biopsy and found he had cancer. The tumor grew rapidly and today we had to have him put down. I have been crying all week since we found he was sick and today has been very painful. I cant believe how much we came to care for them and how much we miss Blondie already. These two little guys have taught me a lot. I have had pets all my life but had no idea that hamsters are as intelligent as they are and that they have such great friendly personalities. We will miss Blondie very much.

Beth - 2007-09-28
I have a hamster (syrian) called hammy. I have a poem for her: My hamster is called hammy, that is her name ur so cute and fangy, that is when u dont dont bite me, oh hammy ur so cute and cuddly, I love u so much. By the way, hammy is 3 months old

cassie - 2007-09-26
hi, i have two dwarf hamsters. one is an albino russian dwarf and his name is sugar. he is the sweetest and at the moment he is at my school for a project and everyone loves to look at him. the other one is a cambells dwarf and she is all brown with a white mouth and a stripe almost down to her belly button. her name is coco. they are both loveable and i am planning on breeding them soon. they are great pets to have and are easy to care for. i have tried birds(which i always seem to kill) and they arent as loveable. i would suggest a hamster as a pet to anyone especially little kids becuase my nephew loves coco and is not afraid to hold her. they are GREAT!

Sherrill - 2007-09-21
I love small animals. Sometimes they are scared when you first get them, but soon enough they turn into loving and playful babies. I had a rat, Mr. Willy, he died after 3 years. He was the perfect animal, but not my first. My first was a teddy bear hamster. His name was Snuggles, oh how I miss them all. Then I moved onto bigger rodents, such as the guinea pigs. Fat little squeaky things! Her name was Molly, but she died of a heat stroke, sad day. I have always had a passion for small animals, and I encourage anyone that loves attention to get a small baby.

Yasmine - 2007-09-19
I had a lovely hamster (long hair teddy) I bred with a syrian long hair and she had 9 cutest babies.
Unfortunatley the mother died today, the babies were born on the 24th of last month.
I think a lizard or something bit it. It was really blue and it's mouth was broken into two, as well as near her ear there was a big blood clot. I am not sure what to do now since there are 2 smaller sized babies.
I am heartbroken for its death since it used to follow me around the house. It never bit me and used to sleep beside me on the bed! I know it sounds weird but it never left my side. Now since the mother is gone and the babies witnessed that, I am not sure what to do.

u dont need to know my name - 2007-09-15
I had a hamster when i was about 4 years old, his name was Cookie. I loved him. He got killed when he tried to get out of is cage and strangled himself. I was crying for days. When iwas 9, for my birthday, I got a guinea pig, her name was Katie. She was the cutest thing. She died of being sick:( now i am 10 and I have two hamsters, Snowflake and Oreo. They are adorable. Ilove them. If you want a cute playful pet get a hamster or guinea pig. i love you Cookie and Katie!

Sarah - 2007-09-04
I have had hamsters and they are the cutest things. They are fun and fairly easy to take care of and they love attention. Their favorite toys are wheels and I got mine a ball. They like to go through tubes and bury themselves. Mine ate an assortment of seeds. I advise you to get one if you want a cute and playful pet.

Holly - 2007-09-02
My beloved Lucky Lola the hamster was black & white with black eyes. I got her on November 19, 2005. Lucky Lola the hamster passed away on September 1st in the night, or early morning of the 2nd. She was famous because she was in the police blotter in the newspaper before she found an home. I got her at the animal center. My niece & I buried Lucky Lola at the beach. I loved Lola and she was an good hamster and will be missed. Rest now my sweet little Lola the precious hamster. God bless you!
In membering of Lola!

Holly T.
September 2, 2007