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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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Cortney - 2007-12-03
I just bought a black dwarf hamster and she is so sweet. I named her Emile. She was the smallest one in the cage, and looks like she is wet. She does not bite and loves wheat and apples. I love her to death.

Kyle Lee Feliciano - 2007-12-02
Hello, I don't own a hamster, but my girlfriend does. Her name is Michael-ann Tyrrell, you can see her name below. Her new hamster is awesome. It's name is none other than Hammy. It is fat and loves to eat, not only hamster food, but ice cream. It is black and looks like a black rat. It's fat and fat and fatter. But it is soOo cute.

Bob Lonan - 2007-11-22
I have just bought two russian dwarf hamsters. One is adorable and soft it lets me hold her, but the other is very scared. When i put them in together, mr. fiesty had to go and bite the others ear, so now he wont let me hold him.

brianny - 2007-11-18
i used to have a teddy bear hamster who bit me ALOT! He was very mean. I got him at petco, but then 2 days ago I exchanged my old teddy bear hamster for a dwarf hamster. Her name is eskimo because she is gray and white and has never biten me. I recommend if you have just gotten a new hamster that you wear gloves first and pick it up to see if it bites. (I wouldnt recommend bathing your hamster because they dont like water, trust me i have learned the hard way). So get a hamster and hold it at the store before yout take it home. i recommend getting a baby so it thinks you are his or her parent and it is nicer, but it just depends on the hamster.

Chloe - 2007-11-18
I bought a chinese dwarf hamster called Nick. He's lovely but very small. Nick is very jumpy and active at the moment, but he loves a good cuddle/stroke. He is my first hamster. For the last 3 years i've only had mice, but i wanted a change this year. I'm only 12 and only held a hamster at my friends. Thanks for reading, chloe sanderson

tom - 2007-11-10
Hi, today i bought a pair of roborovski hamsters. They are so adorable and they sleep squashed up together. They certainly like to run. I had 2 ideas on what to call them, comet & sparky or Jam & marmalade. In the end i ended up calling them jam & marmalade. They are so cute and never bite, although they are fairly quick moving. I highly recommend them as an older childs pet.

Meighnon - 2007-11-10
I have 3 hammsters. I got Minime first and shes older than the other 2. Midget and Dodget are the other 2. They are in one cage. They are so cute and adorable, i love snuggle with them. I didn't really want them but i wanted my parents to trust me with animals. Moms and dads... it's the best way to get your 13 year old responsible :-)

cassie - 2007-11-06
My hamster has a cyst that keeps opening and blood and this white gunk comes out. He is in lots of pain and if your hamster has this type of thing. Either go to a vet or just keep cleaning it everyday.

Manda - 2007-10-26
My hamster's name is Hammie...His orginal name was Polo but i changed it. He likes to chew on the cage and its very annoying. When the cage gets left open, he's quick to run out. He doesn't use the wheel anymore
but i love him anyway... That crazy Hammie

Tina - 2007-10-23
Hi! I have a teddy bear hamster and her name is PohBear. When she was a baby she looked exactly like Winnie the Pooh. She is almost 2 and I have been noticing she is loosing her hair. She is my baby and I just can't imagine that she is getting older so quick. She and my cat get along so well, I know it's crazy but she was bought originally as a pet for the cat.