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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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Josh - 2008-09-29
My hamster is a winter white hamster and she is loosing hair but soft skin. We don't know what to do? I'm concerned.

sheena - 2008-09-26
Hey, I just bought a Syrian hamster yesterday and I still don't know what name I should give her. Any ideas? Can anybody give me some tips in how to tame her? I find it quite hard because she doesn't want anybody to touch her. Should I feed her sunflower seeds or the regular hamster food? I really need some help...

Lenna Bohland - 2008-09-16
I would like to get one of your baby hamsters. We are looking for a family pet, but are afraid to get a hamster that bites. Where do you live?

Hamster*Friend - 2008-09-15
I have had a female Syrian Hamster (Black Bear) since June 22, 2008. Her name is Emmy and she's a complete sweet heart and even if she's in a bad mood, she will not bite! She loves too sit in front of me when I watch her, and cleans herself. She can stand on her back paws straight and perfectly and loves to run around my room without a ball, because she won't hide, just explore inside my shoes or under a blanket! Because she's so sweet, I am planning on breeding her with my Albino Syrian Hamster, Emmett, the goofball that loves to flip upsidedown to clean his stomach. I have asked around BEFORE even preparing to breed them, if some people I trust will take a baby hamster. I hope things work out!

boooooooo - 2008-09-14
Hi, my hamster is so cute. She is 1 in november and she doesn't bite anyone, she is funny. I want my mum to let me breed her but she won't. How can I convince her?

Zoe - 2008-08-28
Hi guys. I have a Winter Gold hamster and it's about 4 months old and he is very very fat, any ideas for me to make it fit?

Mary - 2008-08-11
I have a male Russian Hamster. His name is Calypso (ca-lip-so). He is very active and young. Calypso is very shy around people he doesn't know, but has grown to trust me. He is light brown- or tan- with a white stripe in the middle of his body. I just recently bought him. He loves his cage, especially his excersize cage. I love my So-So, so much! So-So is one of his many nicknames. A few others are: Nutty, Calypy So-So, Scaredy Cat, Baby Boy, and much more. Thats's My Calypso!

Isabella - 2008-07-28
I had a Long-Haired Teddybear Hamster who I named Sherbert. He was almost 2 years old when he died. He died 2 days ago. He was waiting for me to get home from camp before he died. Everyone in my house was taking care of him. But he died a couple hours after running in his ball. So I didn't get see him before he died. He was my first hamster he was the best hamster, he never even bit once. I hope I get another animal just like he was.

serena - 2008-07-27
I have 2 Russian dwarf hamsters named rosebud & shasta. I have only had them for about a month and rosebud is going to have babies and I am wondering how long to keep the male hamster away from the female & her babies. July 7-27-2008

Deb - 2008-07-14
We just bought a Russian Dwarf Hamster as a pet on Thursday. Her name is Abercrombie.
My daughter was a little disappointed because the hamster was a little nippy. We told her that once she got used to her new enviroment she would be better. My daughter just returned home from her first day at camp and went in her room to check on Abercrombie and she started screaming that Abercrombie had babies. We quickly checked and my son said he counted five. We really didn't want to disturb mommy and her new little pups so we covered up the top of the cage so it was protected from the central air. Wonderful!!! We visited this site to educate ourselves on raising Russian dwarf hamsters.