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   A most notable Peruvian Guinea Pig can have hair length that reaches 20" or more!
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kaitlyn cooper - 2013-05-01
I just got a peruvian guniea pig named larry and I am planing on showing him, and now I have the proper info, yay!!!

glen - 2012-10-04
I say that guienea pigs are the sweetest, heart-loving creatures.

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  • glen - 2012-10-04
    Awsome if theres any girls I'll take it
tamsyn lampkin - 2010-11-08
I have a peruvian called bubbles and she is 5 different colors and a rescue :D

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  • feny - 2012-09-06
    I'll buy it or trade it pleaseeeee
Teague Parker - 2010-04-20
We have several pigs but are in the market for a pervian. Let us know you have any for sale or trade! 828-497-1264

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  • amanda - 2012-05-27
    I have two peruvian guinea pigs for a new home please email me back small rehoming fee is needed for them
  • Heather Friesland - 2012-06-30
    I have a adult female guinea pig 2 baby males going to have long hair because there dad is long hair peruvian male. If you are interested please call me ask for Heather phone number is 828 322-4633 or 828 413-5571    thank you
  • ginger - 2012-09-06
    I have 3 and their so fluffy tell me if anyone wants one
guinea pig breeding - 2010-08-28
Each year, thousands of guinea pigs end up dead because of lack of proper care or excessive breeding. As a breeder, it would be prudent for you to know if there are indeed buyers out there for your pups before you breed them, so you can ensure their proper care.

Gabby - 2010-01-23
We just got two peruvian guinea pigs, and a great new hutch. If anyone finds a lot of hay, I'll pay you back! Man they eat a lot... and poop a lot too!

katrynna - 2008-08-30
Hi there, I have a peruvian guinea pig, his name is tootee. I'm very much fond of him and he's sitting on my lap tight now. My other guinea pig died last year. He was an abyssinian guinea pig and his name was poopy. I'm hoping to learn more about guinea pigs from you guys.. thanks!