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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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ABBY - 2009-01-25
I am 8 & I might be geting 1 so do u have any hints for me

Lisa - 2009-01-15
My name is Lisa, and I've been a guinea pig lover for 38 years. Since the age of 3 I've raised Buffy & Joddie, BeeBee & Junior, Fluffy & Snowball, Woodstock (Woody) & Jerry, Brownie & CoCo, Lucy & Ethel as pets. We have 18 month old Gizmo and Spike as the current pigs in our family. Dispite their names, Gizmo & Spike are both females (we have our 10 year old son to thank for that). They are both cute and lovable critters and like to play and cuddle. Gizmo is a multi-colored American who is shy and curious. Spike is a black American-Silkie mix who is outgoing and nosy. Gizmo likes one on one attention, soft music and gentle cuddles. Spike likes to be the center of attention, watching tv and talking with her humans. Gizmo rarely complains and goes with the flow. Spike will loudly speak her mind if someone enters their room without saying hello. We also have a very intelligent tiger striped cat named Tigger (very protective of the pigs), and a chow mix named Tress who loves everybody (even the mailman). Considering they are the smallest members of our family (me-mom, CJ-10 year old, Dave-dad, Vivianne-grandma, Malessie-great grandma, Tigger, Tress and Gizmo & Spike), they are by far the most opinionated and vocal. They scream at the cat until he finds a human to give them whatever it is that they demand, and they just confuse the dog (she's not quite sure what to make of them at all). We love all of the people and animals in our family and wouldn't trade any of them for anything in the world.

Shy Ann - 2009-01-02
Our Family has two 1year old guinea pigs. We were wondering if it would be advisable to add a baby guinea in with them.

Tammy - 2008-09-12
I feel so much better after reading Eleanor's comment from April '07. My sweet Wilbur passed away last night. I was concerned that my friend's son had perhaps fed him something toxic while he was here 2 days ago. And even though Eleanor's comment that cavies will steer clear of poisonous foods is not definitive, I take comfort from it. Though I will miss my sweet, funny little piggyboy for quite some time.

Sami - 2008-09-06
I have the most loving and caring guinea pig ever, shes about 3 now. She's a black and white long haired, well her hair isn't even that long, lol. I bought her with another female who sadely had to be put to sleep after my dog got hold of them both. That was really upsetting for me as I'm an animal lover. After about 2 years of my guinea pig being on her own, I decided to get her a friend. So I got her a baby short hair, a black and caramel baby guinea pig. I love them both very much and my older guinea pig has motherd the baby, I'm so proud of her.

Nikki - 2008-08-02
Great site but here are a few tips and notes, for instance a Guinea Pig is not nocturnal and they take naps in the day because they are animals. Remember to never feed a Guinea Pig iceburg lettuce either, you can use Romaine Lettuce as the perfect substitute.

P.S. My Guinea Pig CHILLI<3 and Big Foot (My Brothers Guinea Pig) SAY HI

tabitha - 2008-08-01
I just got a guinea pig 3 days ago and I just love him. He will just lay on my chest and sleep or he will only eat if he is near me. I thought he was a girl until I took him to the vets and had to change his name from Cloe to Thunderbolt. He's on my chest right now.

Anonymous - 2008-07-18
Very good Article. I have only one Guinea Pig now and Her name is Panda, because of her coloration. And I'm not sure if Guinea Pigs are ncturnal because she isn't an my friends two aren't. Overall good article.

Anonymous - 2008-06-08
I've had 3 guinea pigs so far, 1 English and 2 Abyssinian, and none like baths. As soon as you're done, they'll "wash" themselves again. They don't like water, and will shake themselves dry during the bath. I've never washed they're heads, and I don't recommend it in case soap gets in their eyes. I always us baby wash soap, so that the guinea pigs don't get hurt if it does get in their eyes, and when they clean themselves afterwards their mouth doesn't taste like soap too much. Guinea pigs groom themselves, like cats almost, so it isn't necessary to wash them too often. When and if you clip your guinea pigs claws, I recommend covering their eyes with a towel because they hate having their nails cut. Be very careful about cutting black toe claws, because my poor guinea pig's toe was almost cut entirely off. If this happens, press something absorbent to the wound (as it hopefully isn't serious) and give your guinea pig some vegetables. My guinea pig forgot the pain and started eating. :) My guinea pig likes to be put outside (in a cage) with a little wooden house to hide in and have shade. Don't put your guinea pig in too much sun, or they could get too hot. Some guinea pigs, if you buy the food with treats mixed in, will dig in their food to get the treats while making a mess. Either ignore this, sort out the treats and put them on top, or don't buy the mixed food. I hope this helps you take care of your guinea pig! :)

E : ) - 2008-06-08
I owned the most amazing guinea pig (and some male). She was a light gray short-haired beauty, though I don't know her breed. We keep her outside in a hutch... that is what they're called, yes? Well, one day I went out to give her water, and the door was wide open. I immediately started looking for her, hoping she was hiding somewhere nearby. After searching for an hour or two, I gave up and thought a neighbor's cat or a wild coyote had eaten her. The next day, when I went to water my tomatoes, I heard a little squeak. I looked under a bush, and there she was! She had a little den, and I decided that since that area was so sheltered, I would let her stay there. For a few weeks, I would visit her often, and she learned to come when called. If I was sitting, she would run right up and jump into my lap. One day she didn't come. I got very worried and again thought she had been eaten at last, but to my amazement when I looked under her bush, her little babies looked back! I was so happy! Some of the babies died, but a few lived though none came to me. Then, once again, the guinea pigs disappeared. When I looked under the bush, they weren't there. For days I didn't see them. Remember how I grow tomatoes? Well, I was out to pick and water the tomatoes, but when I got there, there sat the piggies, munching away on my tomatoes! I got them out and put them back in the bush. They were happy there for quite some time. About a year passed, and all the guinea pigs were still in tact. Then one night I here shrill guinea pig screams in my yard. I ran out just in time to see the animal slip away. All of my poor guinea pigs were dead. A while later I got a big shaggy dog.

In memory of the wild guinea pigs of North America. :D