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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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Lara & Milli - 2010-01-29
My piggy Milli who I adopted from a friend is just loving her new diet from this site! Milli says a BIG thank you for making her day and finding her new favorite time of day! Putting vitamin C and the other foods you suggested in her toys has kept her very busy inside the cage.

jlo - 2010-01-22
Why can't male and female guinea pigs stay in the same cage.

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  • Savos Mok - 2010-05-01
    If you want to breed them, be sure to do the proper research or you could end up killing your female. If you are unsure of your female's age and whether or not she has given birth before, STOP! She NEEDS to have had at least one litter before she is 6-9 months old. Giving birth before this time permanently breaks a ridge of cartilage that connects the front of her pelvis, opening the birth canal in the process. If this cartilage is NOT broken by the age above, it will calcify (harden into bone). If she gets pregnant after this happens, she will not be able to give birth and you will NEED to take her to a veteranarian who specializes in small animals when she goes into labor. They will perform a Ceaserian Section (better known as a C-Section) on her to remove the babies, hopefully alive. If the operation is successful, you still have a lot to worry about! Guinea Pigs react poorly to anesthesia and 10 to 30 percent will die within a few days of going under the knife.

    I lost my guinea pig Caramel back in November because of anesthesia complications. She woke me up with her labor squeals one morning, having her second litter of babies. Unfortunately, her babies were still-born and her labor was unusually difficult, lasting well over four hours. Four babies came out, but she had one more baby in her when her labor stopped. I took her in to see the vet, and they tried to re-induce labor using an oxytocin injection. All that managed to help her give birth to was a placenta. So they put her under and managed to work the baby out from the outside. I was so happy my girl was going to live! Unfortunately, she only lasted until the next night, when she died in my arms...
Sarah - 2009-11-06
Awwwwwww LuLu had her babies they are adorable! Thanks to this site I found out good advice for taking care of them. I didn't name them yet because I don't know whether they are boys are girls. I will find out soon. They look just like their parents! She had 4, and now I have 6 guinea pigs. Seriously! I mean 6 guinea pigs, 4 hermit crabs, 3 dogs, a cat, 3 bettas, ands I love them dearly. Thanks animal world for everthing!

matthew a.a - 2009-10-26
Guinea pigs are such great pets! They like to be cuddled, held and nurtured. If you especially get them as a baby they become nice if your nice to them. They don't bite unless your mean to them. Now I'm a cavy fanatic!

Anonymous - 2009-08-31
I got a guniea pig and he is so cute =]

Ronet Bell - 2009-08-28
My birthday is in 2 more days and I really want a guinie pig. This website also helped me to learn about the diet and stuff and I am just so happy!

joe - 2009-07-18
we went away and my daughters pig looks smaller then when we left, our friend that was watching her said he found some blood in the cage we have hampster and now know they eat the babies do they also eat the babies? Otherwise seems healthy have only had her maybe a month I know she is young because of her size. Any help would be great

mara - 2009-06-10
I currently have 9 guinea pigs. Yes, I am a guinea pig lover (: I have 3 girls, and 6 boys. The girls are very sweet Pucca (American Dutch black/white) is the grumpy one, and always looks at you whenever you enter the house to pick her up. Punkie (abyssinian) is the crazy one, she's the flirt of the three girls, and there is Parches (American brown/white), she's really quiet. The boys are always trying to get our attention. Coco (the first one of them all, an American gp) he is also crazy and is boyfriend with Punkie. Peque (american dutch) is kind of agressive with Coco, and is boyfriend with Pucca. The brothers, Eldredge and Rufus (they were adopted/ abyssinian). Eldredge is trying to get to know their new human friends, and Rufus is happy to follow his brother's lead. There is also Gre

adique142 - 2009-03-28
I had 2 Guinea Pigs at my home, but I was always thinking is the guinea pig related to the pig.

niaTIFFANIE - 2009-01-26
why cant you leave your male guinie pig with its mother.?