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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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Aurora - 2010-12-12
I have an American Guinea pig and I got her today I love her to death!

kaela roe - 2010-01-09
My guinea pig's neck is deformed was since last night. His head sits at angle towards the ceiling and he walks around like that. Could he have sufferd a stroke? or could the other guinea pig have stepped on it?

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  • Rae - 2010-10-21
    Hi kaela,
    It does sound as if he's had a stroke. Many guinea pigs can recover from this but you will need to visit a vet to get him checked out, and keep a close eye on him for a while.
kara - 2009-11-13
Oh my, I have 45 guinea pigs. It would take to long to name them all though, so I will name five. These are recently born babies; Dart, gail, maisey, polly, and sammy. They are aborable! I'm so thankful for this website. Here are all my pets - okay; 45 guinea pigs, 7 dogs, 4 cats, 7 bettas, 3 lamas, 2 horses, and 5 parrots. I don't sell my guinea pigs when they are babies because I just can't bare to part with them. I enjoy all animals, and think skinny pigs are still adorable no matter what people say. Thanks Animal-World, for all you do!!!

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  • NOT TELLING - 2010-09-19
    I am entering a guinea pig competition his name is chip and he is ADORABLE I mean really so I will catch y'all later.
emily - 2010-09-02
I have 2 abbyssinians named sophie and lola I love them 2 death.

Jeff Seanor - 2010-03-28
I was given a guinea pig because the previous owner couldn't keep it. She's adorable and has a personality to her. I recently just got another one, she's smaller. Both great girls.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-07-26
    And how much are you selling them for? I have one but she's lonely so I'm trying to find her another friend? How old are they?
Alexandra - 2010-05-08
I have two piggies named Lenny and Kerby. Sadly Lenny has a lump on his neck, but when you touch it it doesn't seem to hurt him and you can move it. I'm scared it might be a tumor. So how can you tell if your piggie has a tumor or something else? Besides that they are a joy, they get along fine now and are super cute!

Ahmed - 2010-03-13
I have 1 white crested guinea pig and 1 American guinea pig they are so cute

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  • Josh - 2010-05-03
    I so agree I love them so much.
vivienne - 2010-03-10
ive got two cute guinea pigs-sammy n sylvester...sammy has jus given birth to two pups.guinea pigs are seriously cute n adorable.i m glad i have them.

SandyLampey - 2009-10-09
I currently have 2 guinea pigs. LuLu is a female albino. Slugo is a male albino. LuLu is due to have babies in the middle of November. Slugo is sensitive, he always runs when you enter the room. LuLu just goes with the flow. I will post again when she has her babies!

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  • amie campbell - 2010-03-01
    I am looking for a guinea pig, are you going to sell the babies
James Miller - 2010-02-08
I just got my guinea pig! She is a she of course so I named her Sara! She is the cutest guinea pig ever! She is a woodsy brown with a white stripe in the middle of her nose and a small white tuft on her forehead and one white leg! She is only two months old and she is already letting us hold her and play with her! And she is smart! She never poops outside of her cage! Thanks for all of the excellent tips animal world! I owe you a huge thanks! See ya next time! I really do hope to come to you again with questions. So until next time, Keep up the good work!
James Miller