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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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Brianna - 2003-11-04
I love your site!!! I had 21 Guinea pigs in my whole lifetime. Guinea pigs are my all TIME FAVORITE!

Kelly - 2003-11-04
My guinea pig "Lexus" just had her first litter. She had 3. We named them "Batty", "Goblin", and "Traz". I came on here to see how long they should stay with their mom. Thanks for the info.

Kim - 2003-10-29
Your site is great! and so are guinea pigs. my little piggie is a real sweetheart. i am continually amazed at how smart and affectionate she can be. to all the non-believers in guinea pigs, she is living proof.
be kind to animals -- keep up the great site!

emma - 2003-10-06
I think that this is the best site for info on cavies. My pig has had her piglets they are 3 weeks old now and they are coming along great. She had three babies and i was worried that one, the runt, was going to get left out. I did see the birth ans with Evie(the last pig that is) she forgot to bite the sac so i had to prod her until she finally did. Then I had to rub evie with a towel. She is fine now though.
I just wanted to say thank you as I have referred to this sight a great deal.
love emx