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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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Jane - 2004-01-05
Hello there. I am a 55 year old English Woman who does cat rescue.
I saved 6 adolescent guinea pigs who were being thrown out. I bought myself two cream boys. Trusting people to sex them, (I should have known better, and checked them myself) I now have 33 guinea pigs.
I have kept these delightful little creatures for years, and their amazing ability to be independent from day one never ceases to amaze me. How do they know the sound of the back door? Why can I never produce enough carrots? My Local Sainsburys think I am mad.

Serefina T and Squeaks - 2004-01-04
I love Guinea Pigs each noise it makes is like a sign of something it needs or wants there just like little babies that you have to take care of!!!

Amy - 2004-01-04
My first guinea pigs name was Cuddles. He lived about 5 years. I have another one now, and I called her Snuggles. Sometimes she gets shy and other times, she is hyper and full of energy. She eats almost constantly and starts squeaking as soon as she hears the fridge door open. GPs are so adorable and are a great pet because they are so friendly. Your site is great!

ej - 2003-12-30
I liked your site i have a guinea pig pregnant now and i cant wait for her to have her babies. You were a good help.

Angie - 2003-12-24
they r u sooo cute!!! i have a pigy of my own his name is flubber! i got him when he was 6 weeks old! his nicknames r piggy, piggly wiggly, fat kid, fatness, gordo, and piggy baby!!!! i love my baby!!!

Andrew - 2003-12-19
Hey my name is Andrew. We bought our Guinea pig about one month ago and she just had two babys last week. We were really suprised how big they are, and how quickly they are up and moving around. This website was a great help, THANKS!

Anonymous - 2003-12-07
hi my name is J. My guinea had her babies a week earlier than we expected. She had 4 and they are now 4 hours old. We have already named them Pepsi, Truffle, Bubble and Squeek. They all like to snuggle up to mom and can just about waddle a few steps around the hutch.

Sarah K. - 2003-11-21
hi my name is sarah and i just LOVE Guinea Pigs. i have one myself. he is the cutest looking GP i have every seen. he is still a baby. he is right here and he wants to talk.c jjjjjjjwstgo. he wrote that. my GPs name is Harry. i love this site cuz this is the 1st time i have owned a GP let alone a pet and it give so much info. well tanxs


Alexandra Gifford - 2003-11-19
I love guinea-pigs. Mine are due on the 12th November 2003. They are really cute. My guinea-pigs names are Lilly, Chee-Chee and Bob. The guinea-pigs on your website are really healthy.

Addison Wessbecker - 2003-11-14
I think that your babies are so cute! My guinea is due to have babies 11-14-03, so we are really excited! I again have to say how cute and healthy they look. Cinder did a very good job.