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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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lucy dewdney - 2004-02-16
i have two guinea pigs and they are so sweet i wish they would live forever. sometimes i just want to hug them to death but i cant. i think if there was a competion, i think guinea pigs would win cuz they are so sweet!!!!!! they are really cool..+dogs

Alana - 2004-02-13
I love my two little piggies! They are so cute! I want more, but I already have 4 dogs, 5 goats, 3 gerbils, 2 ponies, 4 rabbits, and 3 fish! I love snuggling with the pigs in my room!

Rachel - 2004-02-07
I have two guinea pigs and they were born just last year on Sunday, May 18th, 2003; but their real birthday is April 24th. I named them Patches and Smudge and they are really cute!!! I never knew you could get so attached to these little critters!!! Right now they are both 9 months old and their birthday is coming up soon! :-) I am excited for their 1st birthday!!! I definiteley reccommend a guinea pig as a pet!!!

Julie - 2004-02-01
I have 12 pigs in total but more on way my 1 pig is having babies, i think pigs r very intellegant pets and make good ones two.I love to hear them squeak for there food and veg and they keep you on your toes

jjpp - 2004-01-31
guinea pigs are so cute. I have two wonderful and adorible guinea pigs .

steph - 2004-01-30
Ginny Pigs are sweet. Ginny Pigs are cute. I have three of them. Their names are: Ginny the Guinea Pig, Blackie, and Missy. They are all soo sweet, and to view their pictures, go to this site
Ginny the Guinea pig was submitted into two sites and he won a lot of competitions. I just love ginny pigs so much!

Lindsay and Crest - 2004-01-26
Guinea pigs absolutely rock. I have had a total of two guinea pigs. The first one died at age five and now I have one named Crest. He is such a loveable, sweet animal that is always ready for some attention. He is someone or something that I can talk to. Guinea pigs are seriously the best.

Taralynn - 2004-01-20
Hi my names Taralynn and i just LOVE guinea pigs. Through my whole life i have had 9 guinea pigs. When we got are 6th guinea pig named nibbles my cuison came along and she liked them so much she got 2 herself. She really liked them so over time she got lots of guinea pigs. Last week 4 of them died so now she only has 19 guinea pigs. Your site was very useful for her and me tanx. I LOVE GUINEAS

Angie and Ginny - 2004-01-19
My Ginny doesnt have a dramatic rescue story or an amazing future or past. She is just your common pet guinea pig, or so she seems to those who dont look closely enough. Her personality is different than that of which the vet described to me. He said that guinea pigs (or cavies) tend to live a blobby and cute existance, but he never said how they seem to know exactly how much cuddling you need and just the right way to make you laugh with their silly antics. Once when my dog ate several chocolate chip cookies, I was afraid she was going to die and ran away to my room to wallow in my misery. Then Ginny squealed at me until I took her out and cuddled and ran around until I was laughing hysterically. Guinea pigs will ultimately change your life, even if some people say they are dumb animals (not me!!!).

edythe - 2004-01-18
hi. i got 2 guinea pigs from a girl i know. she said that they were both girls. soon after i had returned from my 1 day vacation there were four. we figured out which one was the boy and seperated them from the rest, but it was too late. 9 weeks later, after the others had found homes, there were 5 more babies. 2 of which were tiny so we had to hand raise them. they have homes now but we still keep in touch.