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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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tim - 2004-08-03
guinea pigs are so cute just today my guinea pig [pieces] reached up on my hand and got a carrot up high! guinea pigs are most definitely the best pet in the world

Sandra Brophy - 2004-07-29
Hi there, my name is Sandra. I have two gorgeous girls called Pinky and Fluffy and they are really loving. They have looked after me when ive been off sick. i really adore them. Hugs this is a wonderful site. thanks for leting me air my comment.

Josefine - 2004-07-27
i got a piggie about 1 month ago. she is about 3 months old and TINY!!! i just want peple 2 now she is the bestpet ever!~!!!!!!!

Pratyusha - 2004-07-27
GUINEA PIGS ARE SO CUTE!I have two of my own named autumn and spring and they love to be the center of attention. whenever they are running around the house and see a guest, they just trot up to them until they are petted. they are such sweeties!!!

Courtney - 2004-07-14
i have a 4 month old girl guinea pig and she has turned out to be a pleasure to have....i hope people around the world will help save some of these animals and enjoy having them as a pet.

taralynn and kim - 2004-07-11
me and my cuzzie are absolutely crazy about guineas. I have 4 of them and my cuzzie has 47. no we are not joking you. see, when i was up at my cuzzies house, we decided to go looking for a pig because 1 of my guineas had recently passed away and i was looking for another. we got nibbles and my cuzzie fell in love with them. about a week later she got 2 of them and then she just kept getting more until she had 26. then she split the boys and girls up but she missed a boy in the girls cage so now that 1 boy guinea is a proud father of 30. since she had so many she had to give some away. now she has 47 and we just love them all

Taralynn and kimmy

Sarah - 2004-07-02
I LOVE guinea pigs... They are so sweet,not to mention they are cute =). My guinea pigs names are Abby (abigail gabrielle) and Ginger (ginger floppy oreo sweetheart). I kind of went over board hehe. They are so good and nice to each other. Abby is black and Ginger is black and white. I love guinea pigs!

Kaz - 2004-06-12
hi! i LUV guinea pigs. i startd off havin 3. louise, emily n beth. for my birthday in december i got a boy and called him pippin. emily had four babies and they were sooooo cute. i kept one boy to live with pippin and he is called charlie! louise then had two girls and i am giving them to my cousins. they are calling them snowy an angelina the ballerina (shes only 3)! so i had five guinea pigs n was happ but then.. i went to the FarPlace animal shelter website and saw this message for two guinea pigs called Midnight and Galaxy n i just had 2 give them a home n they hav been really rewardin n responded 2 their new home well! i luv all my guineapigs an hope to mafe either galaxy or midnight a dad soon. i really recomend adoptin guinepigs as some really need a new home as they hav been neglected, abused or deprived of love! i luv guinea pigs n hope to expand my pack!!!

Heth - 2004-06-07
I have recently bought 2 really cute guinea pigs. I called them Bubble and Squeek when i had only had hem a few minutes. As they grew older I realized Squeek squeeks ( Whenever i see her she goes EEEK! ) and my other one bubbles! Bubble is cream and Squeek is ginger and white and she is peruvian.
A couple of weeks ago I noticed Bubble getting fatter, and 2 weeks ago she had 3 really cute babies. I am keeping one of the babies who is ginger/brown and white. We found out squeek is a girl though so they can stay together.
The babies have great fun having 2 mums and they love to hide in Squeeks long fur!
I luv this site its great!

Autumn - 2004-06-05
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