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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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christina lowry - 2004-11-12
ginny pigs are the best pets!

Mia lewin - 2004-11-11
My guinea pig is called chockie. She is a female. She is white and brown and black. Shes got black eyes. My other guinea pig is called Dotty. She is a female. she is black and brown. She has black eyes.

Bonnie - 2004-11-07
In have five guinea pigs three females and two males. my girls names and colours are... Fudge who is light choc with flecks of cream and a tiny spot of white on her back and two white feet and two choc. Next is Nougat who is cream,white and silver tri colour, and Marina is an english white self crested with a very cute face. My boys are Ray and Snoopy, Ray is red,agouti and white tri colour and snoopy is a black himalayan. This morning fudge had two very cute boy babies one was almost all white exept for a couple of patches of agouti and red on both sides of his face and the other has a agouti rump and patches on both sides of his face of agouti and red (Ray is their daddy).
i adore all my guinnies and Nougat is going to have around three babies soon!cool site!!!

nyasia - 2004-11-05
my teacher has a ginny pig annd you show right about him

Esther Appel - 2004-11-05
I recently bought 2 guinea pigs. They were at a pet store and were not taken care of. My mom and I saw them and felt sorry for them. They were matted and smelt awful. We took them home, bathed and trimmed their hair. The female had and infected bottom but the male seemed to be okay. We bought a two story cage for them and they love to run up and down the ramp. they are both Peruvians. Whenever my family and I walk into the room they start squeeling for food. they are huge characters and I would suggest everybody get one. I am now expecting my first litter. The female is black and the male is a roan. We put houses that we made out of cardboard in the cages for the guinea pigs to play in. They run around the house and they like to hide underneath the couch and make us move it to get them out. I think your website is really good.

lindsey begley - 2004-11-01
my g.pig teddy is so cuddly. he loves
to play and run on my bed! theyre the perfect pet

Gigi - 2004-10-29
aw! i love this site! so far at least! i just love all rodents! i love the pictures of the guinea pigs and i hope you get more!!!

Jen Brandt - 2004-10-27
I got two male Guinea Pigs last year for my 15th birthday and named one of them Bubble Guinea (from the movie Bubble Boy) and the other my parents call Rizo (after Rizo the rat in the Muppets) but I like to call him Pea-yie-jee. Say it out loud slowly, you will figure it out. So anyway they great pets, and make me happy when they pur. I adore them.

Betty - 2004-10-10
I have a guinea pig her name is dolly and I got her yesterday, shes 9 weeks old

alicia - 2004-10-04
i absolutely recommend a guinea pig for a pet. they are loving, soooo cute, easy to keep. i think they are a very rewarding pet for people who want a snuggler on the sofa in the evening. my pigs are elvis and priscilla, and we do raise babies. they are el pacas...we love our pigs!