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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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leah webber - 2005-01-26
hi i love hearing that other people love guineas. i own 10 at the moment but we have babies on the way and im so excited. those baby pictures are so cute. guinea pigs rule and theres no question about it. lv leah :)

Anonymous - 2005-01-25
I Love Your website
The Guinea Pigs Are SO CUTE!

Chelsey - 2005-01-19
wow! This website is so awsome!I love guinea pigs so much! I have one of my own and i love him more then ANYTHING! He is so sweet! I really like the pictures of guinea pig babies you have on here! They are really cute! I have always wondered what baby guinea pigs looked i know because of this AWESOME web site! I love this web site! KEEP UP THE GOOD SITES! lol

Kelsey pettus - 2005-01-13
These are the cutest baby gunie pigs!

alissa - 2005-01-11
I think mommy guinea pigs familys are so cute I could buy one, but I have a 4 month old one named squeakers.

Anonymous - 2005-01-07
I love Guinea pigs. They r so cute .My class has a pet guinea pig to. He is a long haired. Mine is a short haired. Ya so get 1 they r so cute.

zenaide - 2005-01-04
My friend has a guinea pig. For his birthday, we made him a cake using grass, hay, apple slices, guinea pig treats and carrots .He loved it, but when my friend decided to try a slice, she spat it out saying that grass was disguting!!

Alycat! - 2005-01-01
Hey! This site is cool! I have 4 guinea pigs, and I also have 3 hamsters 3 gerbils, 2 cats, 4 small birds,1 betta and 3 goldfish. I absolutly love animals!! Guinea pigs should be cleaned every 2 days depending on the size of their cage, and should be kept with a companion animal from the start! 2 guinea pigs together work good, but they should be brothers or sisters, or 2 females or 2 males. you can also keep guinea pigs with miniature rabbits. i had 1 of my guinea pigs with 2 miniature bunnys, but had to get rid of the bunnies bcuz of allergies. oh, and guinea pigs should get a piece of romaine lettuce every morning or every night (normal lettuce can hurt them, and large pieces of celery is poisonous, rubarb is also poisonous, and they should always have fresh hay availiable, and a rather large water bottle as they tend to drink alot!!

Erin - 2005-01-01
My guinea pig I think had mites and I got rid of them by giving my pig a bath in olive oil then washing it of with baby shampoo

emma - 2004-12-31
Guinea pigs are very sensetive(especially baby guinea pigs) so give them alot of love and they will soon grow to know you and love you back.