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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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terri - 2005-03-25
Guinea pigs are wonderul first pets for younger children (5 and over) as they seldom bite and will sit still for them for long periods of time.

Jeremy - 2005-03-23
I got my guinea pig 2 weeks ago. my dad says it might be 8 or 9 weeks old. on the first day i got it, it was bleeding a few hours later because it got its toenail caught in one of the tiny tiny holes in the cage. so my dad had to put a board above the holes so that it doesn`t happen again. its name is oreo. its black white and brown and we don`t know if its a male or a female yet because its still a baby

sim - 2005-03-23
hi my name is sim. i have 1 male guinea pig called lucy, and i did have a female called mia. she gave birth to two little babies, i boy called seamus, and i girl called petal. she sadly passed away shortly after the birth due to prolapse, so i have been bottle feeding the kids every 2 hours. And i love them all dearly.

Dani - 2005-03-17
This website is great it gives a lot of answers that you dont know.The answers are easy to understand. I love to know what is going on with guinea pigs and i like to know how i can love my guinea pig, Hamish, more every day, how i can keep him in good health, and about good happy lifestyle patterns. From Dani

Jenny-Lynn - 2005-03-14
hey i have 4 guinea pigs i had 5 but one died at birth i love my quinea pigs so much!!!

Tasha - 2005-03-11
i bought 2 guineas on the 7th of jan . 2 females called Didi and Smudgy.... yesterday i heard alot of noises from the cage and discovered that Didi had 3 babies i was in shock cos i thought she just was getting very fat ! i feel very proud !! and yes they are both females ...

Brittany :) - 2005-03-10

Guinea pigs are fun lovable pets! They are easy to care for. My grandmother and I used to breed and care for these adorable pets. Guinea pigs are simple to care for, but you must keep them away from house pets such as dogs or cats.

lulu - 2005-03-09
i think guinea pigs are the best family pet if you have small children in the house. i have a 3 year old who is afraid of dogs but kittys scratch her! the moment we got a guinea pig she loved him! his nickname for her is gigi but his real name is cocoa. he is a dutch and i absolutly love him. i only have one guinea pig so i can avoid fights. however, sometimes cocoa is sad so i just take him for a walk. he is happy whenever he has food anyway, so why spend money on another guinea pig!? in conclusion, i think if you have small children in the house but you want to get a pet.... a guinea pig is a smart move.

Lyssa - 2005-03-06
Hey, I love my Guinea Pig and I have only had it for a week. Theyre so fun to just watch and especially when they eat. Theyre so cute and soft. mines only a baby, a baby girl, god i love her. I really recommend having a Guinea Pig. theyre so nice and rarely ever bite. i actually read that 1 in 400 Guineas bite so go out today and get one. Also this is a great site it has alot of important information!!
Love Me

Ronny - 2005-03-05
Your site is very nice, compliment!