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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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Miguel-ler Reyes - 2005-05-12
I bought a guinea pig a year ago and I successfully bred them. Now I have 4 guinea pigs. They are really cute and lovable though they are really noisy.

Kate Zantrek - 2005-04-28
I love your site. I have decided to give you a link back from my site. I hope it gives you some extra traffic.


Susan Brown - 2005-04-25

I have a wonderful guinea pig called FRANKIE, she is very sweet and lives in her hutch with open space to the garden all through the day. She used to have a lovely kind Jack Russell called Tara who mothered her and looked after her, unfortunately her surogate mother passed away. Now she has the company of all the birds and cats that visit her garden.

She will be celebrating her 12th year this year I think this is a real achievment for a guinea pig and I would assume well on the way for a world record.


Britme - 2005-04-21
I have six guinea pigs. One of them saved me from a snake.

Mel & Dan - 2005-04-13
Hi Laura, your message really moved us. Tac was part of our family for 7 years until she passed away last month. It was really hard but we gave her a happy life, with a lot of fun and love and that is what is important. I am sure your piggy loved you very much and I am sure she/he had a great life with you. So please dry your tears and think happy thoughts about Truffles. Love,

Gina - 2005-04-13
Guinea pigs are so nice to have because their temperment is mellow. They are not demanding at all. I just got two 5 month old boars who are brothers, one short hair cocoa color with tan markings and another abyssinian of the same color with some white markings. They are just getting used to their new home. The sweetest thing is how they love to purr!

Guinea girl - 2005-04-12
Hi! I have one guinea pig named Muffy. I have had guinea pigs almost my whole life. At school I am known as Guinea girl. Muffy is a white crested guinea pig. I spoil her. She has a great personality so I am looking for a crested male to breed to her. I LOVE GUINEA PIGS!

15 - 2005-04-12
they are cute and cuddly and i am getting one from my best friend Ashlee!

Richie - 2005-04-12
My guinea gave birth to three healthy babies on April 10,2005. They seem to be doing ok. Mom looks healthy too.

Becky - 2005-04-11
i used to have two guinea pigs. They lived for 4 years and two years until my cat gave them a cold and basically killed them... but now i have a new guinea pig and its albino and its SOOO cute