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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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Nyssa Petersen - 2005-08-16
I plan to get a guinea pig this fall for 4-h showing. I had a guinea pig a couple years ago, but I think she got a virus. I only had her for about two months before she died. She was a Crested and her name was Princess, for the spot on her head. I really liked her and I had a lot of fun taking care of her. My dad built a cage out of wood and chicken wire and I kept her in my room. I highly recommend guinea pigs for any one interested in showing small animals.

Ines*** - 2005-08-13
I adore Guinea Pigs. I have 1 and he's soooo cute. He is well behaved and is very affectionate, I wouldn't trade him for the world!! Piggies are really cute and make great pets and are quite easy to handle!!

Danielle - 2005-08-08
i used to have a guinea pig but he died of a broken back. i was so sad i cried every night, it took me two years to get over it. I now have another one and he is called ginger. i got him when he was a baby and i woudn't trade him for the world. i love him so much.

Carly - 2005-07-21
I recently got another (a baby) guinea pig. I think everyone should have a guinea pig - they are so cute and fun to have. If you look after them, then they will really love you and look forward to seeing you.

regina - 2005-07-20
i think that the baby guinea pigs are so cute. i want a boy so i can breed them but i can't seem to find one. my parents will let me if i can find a boy.

Darcy - 2005-07-13
I was looking at the list of guinea pig breeds on here-

Here is a list of the ARBA & ACBA recognized breeds, and also a list of other breeds recognized in other countries.

ARBA & ACBA Recognized Breeds:

Abyssinian ( contains 8-10 cowlicks/rosettes/ and whirls)

Abyssinian Satin( contains 8-10 cowlicks/rosettes/ and whirls)

American (Short smooth haired. Known as the English cavy in UK)

American Satin(Short smooth satin haired. Known as the English Satin Cavy in UK)

Coronet(Long-haired- has a single rosettes on the forehead.

Peruvian(long haired- with a frontal)

Peruvian Satin(long-haired- with a frontal, satin fur)

Silkie(Long haired- no hair in face)

Silkie Satin(Long haired- no hair in face, satin fur)

Teddy( crimped, wiry fur that sticks up)

Teddy Satin(crimped, wiry hair; satin fur)

Texel( crimped, wiry, curly long-haired; like a long haired teddy)

White Crested[American Crested] (The single rosette on the head is white, and the other parts of the body are NOT permitted to have white. If so, the cavy is not showable)

Breeds recognized in other countries:

English Crested( The whole body is the same color including the crest/rosette)

Rex( like the teddy, but different)

Sheba mini yak(has whorls & rosettes, like a long-haired abyssinian)

Alpaca(Has tigh- ringed curls; long hair that covers the whole pbody like the Peruvian)

The English Merino: Similar to the coronet, but has tigh ringed curls)

Sheltie: The same thing as the Silkie, just used in different parts of the world.

miranda-age 12 - 2005-07-12
i have 2 baby guinea pigs and they are so adorable! one is named Ashes and she looks like a squirrel because each hair is black & grey. Coal, her sister, is a little smaller and is all black except for an orange triangle on her forehead. They don't bite and are really good pets. I LOVE THEM!

jen - 2005-07-07
I recently rescued 2 guinea pig boars. They are wonderful animals and very smart, but don't think that they don't require alot of care. You must handle guinea pigs frequently in order to get them to trust you. you need to clean their cage before it gets to dirty, and guinea pigs do get sick and need veterinary attention occasionally. I adore guinea pigs and strongly recommend them as loving pets for anyone who wants an interactive friend, but do not underestimate their needs. (P.S.- there are hundreds of guinea pigs in shelters all around the country, so I strongly recommend saving a life by adopting from one of these facilities.)

christina - 2005-07-04
my guinea pig baby is a sweetheart shes love to play and i just love her

Stacey - 2005-07-04
I have two beautiful Abyssinian guinea pigs and they are such a joy to have. Bradley is almost 4 years old and Boo is 6 months old and expecting. Bradley is very intelligent. He chews on our shirts when he needs to go to the bathroom and he can climbs up the stairs from the living room and finds his way back to the cage. (He hasn't mastered jumping up to the cage yet, haha.) Our dog no longer bothers them, after she had gotten bit on the nose for sticking it into the cage, and they are no longer nervous around her. Bradley started out as a class donation and little did we know that we would become very attached to him and he to us. Boo has been a great addition to the family and Bradley has been very happy ever since her arrival!!!