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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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chelsea stewart - 2005-09-26
this is the best website i've ever been rock!

Missy - 2005-09-25
Guinea Pigs are very lovable and fun to care for. A Cavy is a wonderful pet and companion. If you take very good care of them they will become loyal to you, just like a dog. Me and my husband have raised and breeded many Cavies over the last few years and they are small miracles. Our oldest one is just like a puppy, and is so spoiled, she is like a child to us.

- 2005-09-22
i just got a guinea pig from the school. it knocks over its food and steps in its water. so we got it a water bottle and now we just need to fix the problem of the food. from ?

BRITTANY - 2005-09-21
I have a Guinea pig named Rocky and he's very chatty. he always squeals when I get home or come inside(even if I have only been gone for a few seconds). he squeals ever time I open the fridge because he wants a carrot (he is never dissapointed). I love Rocky very much and even when he is gone I will still have a Guinea pig in my life.

steph - 2005-09-19
I have two sweet little boys and I kept them together until I noticed they started fighting. I had to get a seperate cage for them and had to split them. I think they are starting to get along again though. Yes, they are sweeties, but people just dump them at shelters and even on the roads, hoping they'd survive. I think that if you're going to breed, have homes ready for them.

Samantha - 2005-09-05
I used to have 5 guinea pigs. i think they are one of the best pets to have! i started out with one, calie. well we wanted to get a companion for her so we got boofer. we didnt know it but boofer was pregnant and she had 3 babies. i kept one of them, the male ozzy. he was so cute and friendly. well calie had past away so my mom got me another one who was an old guinea pig named angel. she just past away recently and i have boofer and ozzy still. they are both so loveable and cute they look almost the same. they are both black and brown. i think guinea pigs are one of the best pets anyone could ever have. .:*~SaMmY~*:.

Emily - 2005-08-30
Guinea Pigs are the best pets to keep because you don't need to exercise them every day by taking them for walks and you don't need to bath them very often, maybe just once a year. I have a guinea Pig and she is 6yrs old. she is so cute and cuddly.

Danielle - 2005-08-25
I own a Guinea pig and his name is Rodney he is the greatest. He is very fun to play with and is very loyal to me. I love him so much and if anything ever happened to him I would be very sad.

sarah b - 2005-08-22
i have a guinea pig. her name is jewel. she is white black reddish-brown and boy is she cute! she has a cowlick on her head and puts joy to my life.

Adina Roberta - 2005-08-18
I must warn all guinea pig owners to re-sex each guinea pig, despite what has been said by your pet store. I and many others could speak from experience when saying that not every pet store is always correct in this aspect!