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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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Stacy - 2005-11-06
I have a guinea pig and last christmas i made it a little santa hat she looked so cute.

Paige nicks - 2005-11-03
First of all i think your website is the greatest!
I got a guinea pig from my uncle at the end of august. Then in mid september i ended up with four guinea pigs. It turns out i picked the pregnant one, my uncle didn't even know. in the outcome i now have four guinea pigs to look after, instead of just one.
Paige Alexis Nicks

GPLover - 2005-10-30
I love guinea pigs! I have one and she is adorable and brings so much joy in my life! She is unique and sometimes clumsy but i wouldn't trade her for anything! Her two front feet are normal guinea pig colored (her "paw' is pink and her leg is white) And her two hind feet are black! She is sooo cute! i love guinea pigs!

ellie - 2005-10-24
My guinea pig had 6 babies in one litter and then adopted 3 more babies (from a mother who was attacking them) We call her Supa Mum (but her real name is Olga da Polga)

daniel - 2005-10-22
I had a guinea pig named j.j and i got him when he was a baby but sadly over the summer he roasted in the sun. But i still have his sister joey who loves to hang with my minirex bleacher. Joey is so AWESOME.

gabi - 2005-10-17
i have had 4 so far. i had one at a time, but then i got one right after my 3rd from my friend! they were and are...virgil, beauty, baby frizzles mohawk jr the 3rd, and george

Magwa - 2005-10-06
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has actually given info. about guinea pigs here. We are getting a guinea pig tomorrow and I feel that i am more knowledgable now. Don't worry we have a cage and everything for her already. We have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 5 chinchillas so I think we'll be able to handle one more. Thanks again for having this site.

Mandi Roy - 2005-10-03
Most Guinea Pigs are great with kids. But if you have a male and female and are not intent on breeding either have one or both altered or keep them in separate cages. Also if you have children ages 9 or older supervise while they change the cages. I remember one time when I was 12 I "accidentely" put both males and female togethher. Both Unaltered. 3 months later we had 5 guinea pigs. My mother wasn't to thrilled.

chelsea stewart - 2005-09-26
this is the best website i've ever been rock!

Missy - 2005-09-25
Guinea Pigs are very lovable and fun to care for. A Cavy is a wonderful pet and companion. If you take very good care of them they will become loyal to you, just like a dog. Me and my husband have raised and breeded many Cavies over the last few years and they are small miracles. Our oldest one is just like a puppy, and is so spoiled, she is like a child to us.