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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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ashley - 2005-12-24
I have a guinea pig named Nibbles and she is darling. She loves cabbage and carrots and being held. If there were more guinea pigs like her out there, I'd buy them all.

donna - 2005-12-19
my daughter has a guinea pig named cookie. we have had her for 3 years now and she is adorable. She loves to sqeak and climb up the side of the cage when we enter the room. She enjoys apples and carrots along with guinea pig food and timothy hay.

kassy - 2005-12-16
i have a guinea pig named cody and he is all black. he is a great little piggy. he is not even one year old. thanks for the advice.
kassy 2005-12-16

Jenn - 2005-12-11
guinea pigs are the most coolest pets. i have a guinea pig and her name is stroodle. she is a peruvian guinea pig. she can hopp steps and loves carrots and watermelon. she LOVES baths and hardly bites.
i recommend a guinea pig like her.

curly joe's pet human - 2005-12-08
I have three guinea pigs. they are the best. They make cute noises when they're happy, they're easy to take care of, and they're extremely cute! The funniest thing is whenever we open the refrigerator, they squeak at us, trying to get us to feed them some more!

Brianna - 2005-12-02
hamsters are the cooliest pets. my hamster is a full breed long haired teddy bear hamster. he climbs stairs, does pull ups, & loves to be cuddled. his name is bear. me & bear love this site for any kind of pet. All I buy is hamsters .i even take them for walks outside for a little bit. thanks for the site, peace out!

theballetfairy - 2005-11-24

minky - 2005-11-20
they are the best pets ever i have 2 and if my mum would let me me i'd have loads. they are so much fun and so easy to look after.

Adam - 2005-11-16
my guinea pig is the best! she is 5 months old. her name is sarah. she is so cute! she squeaks al ot and loves me very much. she is very shy and hides in my sleeves when visitors come. i always look forward to seeing her after school.

Freakyfairy - 2005-11-16
The most brilliant pet is a GUINEA PIG 'cause they're cute and dont bite