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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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Korena - 2006-03-02
I have a guinea pig named Ginger and she is almost 2 years old. I had another guinea pig named Harry but he died of unknown causes.

Sammykins - 2006-03-02
My brother and I have a Guinea Pig who we have had for about two and a half years now. His name is Chocolate Chip Cookie, and He's soooo cute! I love how he looks like that Guinea Pig in Dr. Do little. He has that little blonde stripe and everything! I love my Guinea Pig!

joseph hernandez - 2006-02-28
we bought a female abyssinian and though we have been told that 2 are better, she seems to always be happy. we let her have run of the house except when it's bedtime we put her in her cage. she's trained to not go into the kitchen. she gets plenty of love and care and doesn't show any sign of being lonely or depressed. in fact, it may be that we got one that prefers to be alone. she loves being spoiled. we all love her and she seems to be prospering, looking healthy, getting bigger and always active. running, popping, and purring.

Karen - 2006-02-26

I am telling you about our guinea pigs. we have two mothers and 7 babies. We did have a older male but he died last month, now we are having to breed with a younger male. I really liked your website. It taught me a lot! Bye Karen Keller

Pig Podge - 2006-02-19
I have 2 guinea pigs, Mocha and Latte. I just want to inform everyone of the importance of keeping 2 or more. Guinea pigs are so very social and a lone guinea pig will be very sad and depressed. Even if you can spend lots of time with your pig ask yourself these questions; Who will snuggle with your piggy in his igloo? Who will run laps around the cage with your piggy? You cannot spend 24/7 with your guinea pig, it just isn't possible. You need to leave him when you go to eat, when you answer the door, when you go to work + school. Having a pair is so much fun and its great to see them interact. My girls chirp and popcorn together, it is the cutest things!!! Another thing is the importance of fresh veggitables every day! Piggys need veggies to survive. Everyday bring your pigs a bowl of parsely or romane lettuce, this will keep them healthy and happy. My 2 pigs wheek whenever they think I'm bringing veggies! 1 last important thing is housing. Guinea pigs in the wild have a lot of space to rome, so they need lots of space to rome in captivity too. The minimum size for a pair of guinea pigs is 2ft X 4ft, but bigger is better! My pigglets have a 3X3 cage and they love it to death! They have to much space and they are umbelievably happy. I just wanted to let everyone know some of the important things when it comes to piggy owning. Guinea pigs are very skittish and somtimes stay skittish their whole life but they are very sweet and rewarding pets! Even though they are high maintenance and expencive(the supplys, high quality food, vet bills, etc) they are both it. Okay I forgot 1 more thing. Hay!!! Guinea pigs need an unlimited supply of timothy hay. This is NEEDED for the well being and health of your pigs. If you live near a Petland they have big bags of timothy hay for about $10. So as i said these critters are high maintenance but rewarding pets. Deffinetly worth the owrk!

Tracy - 2006-02-16
this site is really helpfull, as i am just about to get a new guinea pig after my other one died, he had scurvy and dental problems.. it was sad... but this is a great site if your looking for info on guinea pigs!

eu - 2006-02-12
My guinea pig is 2 years old,he always sqeakswhen my father is coming in and he is stretching himself all the time. I made him abath and he almost drowned in the 2 cm water. I like him a lot.

dianna - 2006-01-18
this site is great and edcautional. it taught me how i can take better care of my guinea pig. thanks. this is the BEST SITE FOR GUINEA PIGS EVER!

sandra and sophie - 2006-01-08
We have just recently adopted 1 neutured male and 2 females. we were thinking about breeding in the future and this information has been very useful, and very helpful facts about illness's. we would and will recommend this site to others as we found it a great use to us.

Audrey - 2005-12-26
i, of course, am a guinea pig fan! they are so kewl!