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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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ME - 2006-05-29
i am 10 years old and i want to get 2 guinea pigs. i have been trying to figure which type of pet to get because i LOVE animals! i don't know if i should get males or females! but i have to pay for everything and i am looking forward to the responsibility! me and my friend think guinea pigs are adorable and we both want to get 2! i think that it would be so much fun to have guinea pigs! right now i have a dog and a cat! i have looked into getting a gerbil, parakeet , and a rabbit. but then i found info about guinea pigs and i think they are interesting and cute!i really love this site! wish me good luck on asking my parents if i can get 2 guineas.

Amy - 2006-05-29
I love guinea pigs! I've had a total of 8. Unfortuneatly, I found out about a year ago that I am allergic to them. I get hives and weezy. It's no fun. I really wish I wasn't allergic to them so then I could get more. Guinea pigs are the best pet you can get, and I'm not just saying that. They snuggle with you and love you unconditionally. One of mine even lived up to 6 years! I highly recommend adding a guinea pig to anyone's family! Perfect for any age!

TAbatha - 2006-05-24
I have 2 female guinea pigs: an abyssinian named Moja and an american crested named Paige. Paige is definitely the most talkative. She gets so worked up when she hears the fridge open (food) that she'll steadily raise the volume of her squeaks until I swear she'd burst! Romaine is a good lettuce for them, but it is high in oxalic acid, which can cause problems if given too often. I feed my girls a small amount of pellets daily, and give them a mix of different lettuces(except iceberg), small slices of apple, cantaloupe, pinapple (which contains papain, which helps break down hair in the digestive tract), turnip tops (high in vitamin C), parsley, kale (also high in oxalic acid,but good in Vit.C) and unlimited timothy hay.

Sherry - 2006-05-21
i have 3 guinea pigs, all males, and 3 hamsters, and 1 chinchilla, 2 chahuahuas, and 1 fish. i was just enjoying reading comments and thought i would add one of some news. guinea pigs cant have lettucce because they cant belch. you can shorten their lives feeding them stuff they cant have. anyway i do research before buying any pet. my animals have run of the house and are my life, what keeps me going

Tabitha Riley - 2006-05-18
I have a self black male guinea pig named victor and a roan and white guinea pig named oreo. oreo is just about 7 months so im going to try to breed her now.

Ashley M Draper - 2006-05-17
I have 5 guinea pigs. i have been raising 2 for a year and the other 3 were just born on mothers day may 14,2006

Liz - 2006-05-17
I've got 4 at the moment they're all girls, mocha, pippa, pixie and patch with two more on the way because pixie came to me pregnant. she was only about 8 weeks when i got her and the pregnancy wasn't apparent. I'm a little bit worried cos she's so young to be a mum.

bobo the clown - 2006-05-05
i just got my guinea pig it is so cool. i love him being the extra step of responsibility, being that i am only a kid.

DEADnicole - 2006-05-03
well, i have one guinea pig and he is really cute. he always licks me when i carry him. i love him like mad. i have 3 hamsters too ((=

kerryn - 2006-05-01
I love guinea pigs! about a couple of years ago i got the sweetest guineas, because whenever i hold them they always lick my fingers. If i put them on my neck they chew my hair! First of all we thought they were males but they turned out to be females!