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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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BRITTANY - 2006-08-07
hi, i have one pig, he's great and funny to watch. he's still a baby. i cant' wait until he gets bigger so i dont worry about people holding him. im always scared he'll get hurt.

Guinea girl - 2006-07-28
Hi! I was planning on getting a chinchilla but when I went to the pet store this lady brought in two of the cutest little things I have ever seen! They where guinea pigs a boy and a girl. I got the boy then the next day he was so lonely we went back and got the girl! This site has been a big help. They are 3 weeks old almost 4 weeks old. I am going to get them fixed but I would like them to have one litter first because we already have homes for them just in case it happens. I am a little worried if they have them right now because they are so young but the female doesn't seem to want to mate yet but I don't know she also kinda seems to me tat she is already pregnant! I hope she pulls throught the pregnancy! By the way the girl's name is Jazmine and the boy's name is Jasper! I love them to death! Jazmine is the one who's more attached to me but they still are in the faze where they don't like me to much but I haven't even had them for a week yet so I'll give it time!

Fade - 2006-07-10
I have had my guinea pig Benny for two years. He is so cute I love him to bits. He's an Abyssinian, but somewere along the lines there must have been some albino, he has redish pink eyes and a white and cream coat. I rescued Benny from a local animal shelter, he was never abuse or mistreated. his old owners tried to sell him but were unsuccessful, and they were allergic, and needed to get rid of him as soon as possible. He was quite shy at first, but warmed up to me right away. Now when I come home he runs to the cage door and stands on the bars and squeaks, wanting to be pet. He loves his lettuce and timothy hay, which we give him daily, he's quite spoiled. He's also quite on the chubby side, but we love him anyways. I would recommend guinea pigs to anybody who wants one, they are quite easy to manage and don't make a big mess.

bonnie bryant - 2006-06-26
my ginny pig (pig pig) is 1 week old. his mom had her last mon. he so cute after you give him a bath. i think ginny pigs are one of the best pets EVER. -BoNnIe

Bailey Smith - 2006-06-13
guinea pigs are the coolest animals ever!!! I have 2 pigs( and when I say pigs i mean PIGS.) I got one pig from a pet store and one from Cavy Care Inc. which is located in Colorado. they are the best pets i could have wish for.

Thea - 2006-06-12
I have two piggies and I named them Mei (May) and Joon (June). Mei likes to snuggle while Joon squeals when I pick her up. I haven't had her as long as I've had Mei so I'm figuring that she'll come around. They are good to have around and very relaxing to watch. Mei is bossy to Joon and today Joon decided to fight back. I think she'll be okay.

Sherry - 2006-06-12
a pig living can live 16 yrs if you care for them properly. do research and learn lots before you get any pet. it is cruel for them such a short life when they can live so long. they cant have green apples or seeds from any fruit. clean out the cage every 3 or 4 days, they mess alot.

@ngie - 2006-06-11
My kids have one guinea pig each and they love taking care of them and taking them out of their cages to play with them. We have 3 good sized pigs and this morning I went to feed them I found that my female had two little babies sometime in the last two days. I was wondering why she stayed in her house so much. We've only had them for a month so I guess her other owners didn't know she was pregnant. The two lil ones are so adorable, I think I'll keep them for myself... :-)

Kim - 2006-06-07
My guinea pig had babies this morning. 5 of them, all doing fine. they are so cute

@ndy - 2006-06-05
i have a ginny pig, i have loved it from the day i got it. they are the best type of animals that teach responsibility to children.