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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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allie - 2007-02-16
I have two guinea pgis named Elvis and Peanut. I got Elvis first from a pet store, and then adopted Peanut from a friend whose guinea pigs had babies. Make sure to check your guinea pig`s gender before you add another guinea pig to the mix. Pet stores are often wrong in identifiying whether the pig is male or female, so take the pig to the vet.

Sarah Rudy - 2007-01-28
I just wanted to say that please consider adopting instead of buying from a breeder or pet store. I found Umberto at the Humane Society and his adoption fee was only $5.00. He is an awesome little guy who came from a neglectful home. I think I changed his life when I brought him home and he thanks me for it every day! I am considering adopting another piggie so he has a playmate.

Nikki - 2007-01-23
Hi, I am the proud owner of two absolutely amazing guinea pigs, cotton and ebony. They are very easy to handle and very loveable. cotton had a baby the size of a newborn kitten in july of 06, and now we are expecting a couple (hopefully) of new members to our family. EBONY IS PREGNANT. I enjoy my guinea pigs very much.

Katie - 2007-01-07
Parfait is my perfect little piggie. Just like in the other comments, Parfait would squeak for bathroom breaks when he was younger but as an old pig (5yrs Oct. '06) he isn't so picky anymore. Parfait also used to display what we lovingly called "piggie taurets" where when he would get overly excited. he would squeak and jump seemingly without meaning to. If your pig does this don't worry, they just need time for their little nervous systems catch up with the rest of them. Oh! I also have a fun experiment for you to try! If you have both a male & female but they live in separate areas, take the male out of his cage and set him IN FRONT OF the females cage so that he can see her. (no baby accidents this way) If you're lucky and he likes her, he will start to sing and sway his backside to and fro to woo her. Parfait just loves to do this for Bandit, his girlfriend through the bars. It's very adrorable to see!

Raven - 2007-01-06
i have had 5 guinea pigs and every time i get one i know that i need to care for it and make a little more time in my life for them. thats all it takes is some time. I have learned that with almost ANY animal you have to be VERY RESPONSIBLE AND CARING. Just 2 weeks ago i put my guniea pig down because she had skin cancer. Sometimes you just need to do whats best for your special companion.

Julie - 2006-12-25
I have had several guinea pigs. They are always very sweet and loving pets. I did have one very bad experience though. My family was in the process of moving to a new house and we left the guinea pig, Lucky with our friend Leslie. When we came back to pick him up, he had been starving himself for 5 days out of loneliness. We tried to bottle-feed him and nurse him back to health, but it was too late. Lucky died in my father's arms. This just shows how devoted guinea pigs are. If you can set aside the time to care for these animals, they make a very sweet and loyal companion.

Dave A. - 2006-12-19
I have been amazed at the bonding of these little creatures to their caretakers. Particularly curious to me was that from the day that they were calmed enough to be held, they have called out to my wife and I that they needed a potty break. It took us humans longer to realize their needs then they. It took only a couple of our miss reads, to realize their concern. I love our pair of ladies, Pumpkin (a red-brown Self) and Shaggy (a tan on white Abyssinian), so very much.

Elizabeth - 2006-12-13
Hello. I have three female guinea pigs Coconut, Sugar Pie, and Cutie Pie. They are very smart, cuddley and adorable. Guinea pigs are the perfect pet for a RESPONSIBLE person for they need constant cage cleanings and looking after. They are basicly every pet in one small package. When they are young they hop around alot and they like to run around in mazes and smell things. They may chase moving things too like cats. They are also very intellegent they can be toilet trained, learn their names, learn tricks such as climbing up stairs and opening their cages. Though, it all depends on the guinea pigs personality.

Eve - 2006-11-25
Hi I have 5 guinea pigs: Popple, Tiger, Rocky, and Tiger had a baby 4 days ago... she doesn't have name yet. I love them all so much. About two months ago my sister had a Piggie called Olive and one morning woke to feed them, when we looked in hutch we had a baby, we called him Pippin. Soon we are taking them to the guinea pigs Races at the pet shop.:)

Irene - 2006-11-25
Hi everyone, i have 3 guinea pigs and one of them, Koko Black, is pregnant with what looks to be about 2 or 3 bubs!!! i am really excited and i cant wait to see them. this site has really helped me whenever i have problems with my guineas. the answer is always here! so i just wanted to say thanks for all your help with any questions i have ever had.
kind regards,